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Watch Siliconera Play Through the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

final fantasy vii remake demo stream

The prophesized day has arrived. The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is now available for everyone to play, instead of being kept locked away at conventions for limited periods of time. To help give people an idea of what to expect, Siliconera will be going through it at 11am PT/1pm CT/2pm ET/8pm CET today for about an hour.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo goes through the game’s first chapter, meaning it’ll cover Cloud’s story as he meets Barret and the Avalanche crew for the first time, fights a boss, and deals with one of Shinra’s Mako reactors. While we won’t get to see characters like Tifa or Red XIII, this trial does give people a chance to get a better look at Aerith.

You can watch Siliconera’s Final Fantasy VII Remake stream below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020, and its exclusivity arrangement will end in April 2021. A demo is immediately available, and people who download it will be guaranteed a free PlayStation 4 theme

Jenni Lada
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