Nintendo DS

Watch: Tales of Innocence Trailer


Earlier this last week, Namco-Bandai announced four new Tales games in works, one of which is a new title being developed for the DS; Tales of Innocence. Tales of Innocence is being developed by Alfa System, the team behind Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, and will make use of the AR LMBS (same battle system Tales of Destiny Remake for the PS2 uses); so those who were disappointed by the tragedy that was Tales of the Tempest, though that's also subject to personal opinion, can take comfort knowing another team is behind the project. 


That aspect aside, take a look at the trailer and see what kind of reaction you get out of it. Personally, considering how much of a good job Alfa System has done with Radiant Mythology, I'm personally excited to see what they can do with Tales of Innocence and the AR LMBS being used in this DS Tales iteration.