If you want to bring Sora from Kingdom Hearts home, there are some great figures and pieces of merchandise that are the best (and some that aren't).
Image via Square Enix

Ways You Could (or Shouldn’t) Bring Kingdom Hearts Sora Home With You

So the Kingdom Hearts games are officially everywhere now, thanks to an exclusivity arrangement lifting and the titles heading to Steam. People may be heading off to fight Heartless and Nobodies with Sora and his crew again while attempting to comprehend the story. So since you’re returning, you may be also looking for some Kingdom Hearts merchandise or Sora figures to keep you company as you go through hundreds of hours of gameplay, so here are some recommendations for versions of your boy to bring home.*

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(*Except for the last one. You really don’t want to bring one of Diamond Select’s Sora Kingdom Hearts figures into your home.)

Sora Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts 3 Figure
Image via Square Enix

Best Kingdom Hearts Standard Sora Figure

The Bring Arts and Play Arts Kai figure lines are known for being Square Enix’s “best” merchandise. These are the ones that come with face plates, extra hand parts, and accessories for posing. One of the most comprehensive (and recent) ones is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Play Arts Kai deluxe version of the figure. That goes for about $209.99, though sometimes some vendors will sell it for less. (Amazon has it for $160.51 at time of writing.) The Kingdom Key, Shooting Star and Ultima Weapon Keyblades are all included with this one. 

Sora Nendoroid Kingdom Hearts figure
Image via Good Smile Company

Cutest Kingdom Hearts Figure of Sora

The Sora Nendoroid is one of the cutest things you will see all day. It’s certainly one of the cutest Nendoroids in general. His goofy pants and shoes actually make sense when you see them in these proportions, and his too big eyes are so adorable. There hasn’t been a reprint of him, so odds are you’ll end up paying upwards of $80 for one. You should probably wait for a rerelease, since his standard price is supposed to be $48.99. He’s just a lil’ guy! Don’t overpay for him!

Square Enix plush
Image via Square Enix

Most Affordable “Good” Kingdom Hearts Sora Merchandise

Square Enix’s official Kingdom Hearts stuff is expensive! It can cost a lot to get a figure or item. So a good option might be to go with a plush toy. The company makes one for $39.99 that is based on his original Kingdom Hearts outfit. It isn’t too costly, but you also know it is authentic and unique. 

Sora Funko Pop
Image via Funko

Actual Cheapest Kingdom Hearts Sora Figure and Merchandise

See, I wouldn’t exactly call this “good,” because a lot of people have mixed feelings about Funko Pops. (I’m not a fan! For a little more money, you could get a Nendoroid with extra parts and eyes that aren’t soulless!) However, there are Kingdom Hearts Sora figures and you can usually get them for around $12, so I guess that’s an option too.

An actual literal nightmare from Diamond Select Toys
Image via Diamond Select

Worst Kingdom Hearts Sora Figure

This is more of a word of advice. There are some Kingdom Hearts pieces of merchandise out there that, while officially licensed products, are really bad. You would not like them. Your friends would not like them. When it comes to this series, Diamond Select is the prime offender. There are many Soras that are not good. I think “best” of the worst, as far as things to never invite into your home, is the Sora, Dusk, and Soldier Collector’s Action Figures. I have seen Dollar Store toys that look more like the characters they’re trying to rip-off. My man Sora looking like a 30-year-old man who did the best he could with $30 at Spirit ahead of a mandatory office Halloween party. Worst of all, they’re going to try and charge you like $37.99 for that. No. Just say no. 

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