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This Week In Sales: Far Cry Primal Debuts, Dragon Quest Monsters And Yo-kai Watch Leads


Period: The week of April 4th – April 10th (2016)

Top-seller: Yo-kai Watch: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (3DS) – 90,196

Nintendo 3DS sales: 1,411

Nintendo 3DS LL sales: 242

New Nintendo 3DS sales: 4,420

New Nintendo 3DS LL sales: 18,042

PlayStation Vita sales: 13,278

Wii U sales: 4,963

PlayStation 4 sales: 23,889

PlayStation 3 sales: 1,296

Xbox One sales: 212

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Last week, video game releases in Japan weren’t as exciting as we saw the week prior, but we saw a few new releases with Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, Disney Art Academy, and a couple more. Media Create has provided us with a look at video game software and hardware sales data from the week of April 4 through April 10, 2016.


On top of the charts this week is Yo-kai Watch: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, or Sengokushi, which sold an impressive 90,196 copies in its second week. As of the past few months, we’ve seen similar performances in follow-up weeks after their debut from games of the Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, and Yo-kai Watch series, with the latest being Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, which also finished this week at #2 with 49,847 copies sold.


At #3 we have Far Cry Primal, which sold 25,302 copies in its first week. These numbers are lower than its predecessor in Far Cry 4, which impressively sold through 92.37% of its shipment on PlayStation 4 with a total of 36,239 copies sold in its debut last year. Far Cry 3 also sold 33,281 copies in its debut in 2013. However, keep in mind that Far Cry Primal is a spin-off title, so it makes sense for it to perform a little less than the other two titles.


As far as other new releases go, we had Disney Art Academy at #4 with 17,717 copies moved in its first week, Idea Factory’s Otomate label also released their visual novel romance game Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby which sold 3,476 copies in its debut.


One huge surprise for me was the fourth new title in the top-20 with Quantum Break for Xbox One. Yeah, it’s not the 3,124 copies sold to put it at #19 that I found impressive, but the fact that we got ourselves an Xbox One title in the chart. I can’t recall when was the last time we saw an Xbox One title place top-20, so I have a high-five waiting for whoever can find it first. Looking at you, British_Otaku.


Dark Souls III is staying in there at #5 with 15,274 units sold, giving it over a quarter of a million sales in Japan. Following is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness at 10,386 to place it at #6, which makes me curious to see how the PS3 version places when it releases on April 28, 2016. Next up we have Pokkén Tournament with 8,065 units sold, Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition with 7,374, and Splatoon with 7,374 copies sold, placing them at #7, #8, #9 respectively.


Overall, it was a pretty slow week and it reflects in the total software sales. Hardware sales also saw a pretty big drop across all platforms by a few hundred or thousand units. However, I should probably note that the Wii U was the only one that sold more than the previous week by 1,512 units, although analyzing Wii U sales is a bit rough these days with their stock shortage in mind. Okay, fine, I’ll also throw a bone to the Xbox One for having sold 5 more units than the week prior. Thanks, Far Cry Primal!


The top-20 chart for the week is as follows:

Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
01. 01. Yo-kai Watch: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 90,196 359,712 3DS Level-5
03. 02. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 49,847 517,146 3DS Square Enix
New 03. Far Cry Primal 25,302 New PS4 Ubisoft
New 04. Disney Art Academy 17,717 New 3DS Nintendo
04. 05. Dark Souls III 15,274 258,821 PS4 From Software
02. 06. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 10,386 123,408 PS4 Square Enix
05. 07. Pokkén Tournament 8,065 120,408 Wii U Pokémon Company
06. 08. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition 7,374 730,853 PSV SCE
11. 09. Splatoon 6,902 1,325,502 Wii U Nintendo
07. 10. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 6,666 136,148 3DS Nintendo
16. 11. Super Mario Maker 5,892 840,123 Wii U Nintendo
08. 12. Assassination Classroom: Assassin Training Plan 5,205 34,852 3DS Bandai Namco
12. 13. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Happy Price Selection) 5,128 27,492 3DS Nintendo
09. 14. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X 4,623 84,135 PSV Sega
New 15. Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby 3,476 New PSV Idea Factory
14. 16. The Division 3,422 128,282 PS4 Ubisoft
18. 17. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Souzou Sengoku Risshiden 3,325 28,332 PS4 Koei Tecmo
15. 18. Tomodachi Life (Happy Price Selection) 3,166 16,389 3DS Nintendo
New 19. Quantum Break 3,124 New XB1 Microsoft Japan
??? 20. Yo-kai Watch Busters: White Dog Unit/Red Cat Troupe 2,671 2,243,803 3DS Level-5

Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

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