Mega Man has seen better days. Following the cancellation of both Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, the only upcoming Mega Man title on the horizon is a social game for iPhone and iPad, and information on another major Mega Man game is scarce.


So, what went wrong? Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, has an opinion of his own, which he shared on Capcom’s forums this week. Responding to a forum user who asked if there was a possibility of the Mega Man franchise being rebooted, Svensson replied:


Thanks for the suggestion. I (and probably I alone so please don’t ascribe said belief to “Capcom”) think one of the problems MM has had as a brand is that we’ve had too many competing splinter sub-brands within it. I’m not sure starting yet another is the way to get the franchise as a whole back on track more than creating greater brand confusion but we’ll take it under advisement.

Thanks for the suggestion and your passion.


Following the NES games, on the PlayStation, Capcom released two series of Mega Man games—Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends. Then, on the Game Boy Advance, Capcom released several games in the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Zero series. Finally, on the Nintendo DS, there was Mega Man Star Force and Mega Man ZX.


Things aren’t over for Mega Man, though. Earlier in the year, Svensson mentioned that “top men” at Capcom were discussing and planning Mega Man’s future for the next ten years. Additionally, both Capcom Japan and Capcom USA will be doing their own celebrations for Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. The anniversary festivities in the USA will kick off in December.


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