Comic book writer, Frank Tieri, and Capcom announced earlier today that Tieri is the writer that has been contracted to work on the story for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. While Tieri isn’t quite a household name when it comes to his work at Marvel and DC, he’s handled writing duties across a significant portion of Marvel’s character roster — most notably Wolverine, whose main title he penned for about three years.


Capcom have an interview with Tieri up on their community site, where he explains how the writing deal came about, and which characters from MvC3’s roster he enjoys writing the most.


“For Marvel it’s Wolverine and Deadpool, without a doubt,” Tieri reveals. “Wolverine because he’s maybe my all time favorite character and he’ll always has a special place in my heart because he’s really the character that launched my career (plus I can probably write his dialogue in my sleep). And Deadpool because he’s just so damned fun to write for—I really think he’s going to be the game’s breakout character.”


That would help explain the focus on Wolverine in the recent CG trailers.


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