Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board — the device used to play Wii Fit — was recently awarded with a Guiness World Record. Yes, the Balance Board itself, not the Wii Fit software. Nintendo of Europe say that the Wii Balance Board has set the Guiness World Record for the best-selling personal-weighing device.


The Balance Board actually broke the record back in 2010 with 32,114,428 devices sold. That’s 22.6 million with Wii Fit and another 9.4 million with Wii Fit Plus.


Of course, Wii Fit Plus kept on selling well after that, which brings us to the most recent sales figures as of 2012:


Wii Fit: Over 22.67 million

Wii Fit Plus: Over 19.31 million


Yup. That’s a lot of Balance Boards.


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