Wiimote Improvements Continue


Wii Remote JacketOne of the things that I love about Nintendo is that they are always mindful of their products and their customers' safety.  They may not always get it right with the first shot, as we've seen with the Wii Remote straps needing replacements, but they always try to make up for their mistakes.  Today, Nintendo announced that they are going to be fitting all future Wii Remotes with what they call "Wii Remote Jackets."  They fit around the Wii Remote and give the player better grip and it pads the edges of the remote (just in case you've been giving your little brother black eyes during furious Wii Boxing fights).  The good news is that Nintendo is giving away the jackets to current Wii owners for free, much like the replacement straps earlier this year.  I don't know whether I'd actually like putting these things on my Wiimotes, but you can't really go wrong with free, right?