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Win A Copy Of Phantom Breaker And A Customized Eightarc Arcade Stick [Update]


This month, 7Sixty will release 5pb/Mages’ Phantom Breaker, and have also offered to give away a free copy along with a customized eightarc joystick, and a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of the Chaos;Head anime series to a single Siliconera reader. Here’s a look at the contents of the full package:


Customized eightarc joystick:


Chaos;Head Blu-Ray/DVD Pack and Phantom Breaker game:



We’re running a quick contest to decide who gets the entire bundle. Here’s what you have to do: As you know, Phantom Breaker features characters based on various female anime archetypes. There’s a maid, a highschool ninja girl, a priestess and so on. Recently, Phantom Breaker director, Sakari Masaki, revealed to us that the game’s playable roster was also going to include a female gang member character that didn’t make the cut.


What you need to do is, think up another anime character archetype to include in the game, and send us a drawing of them. It could be male or female character, but keep in mind that Phantom Breaker primarily features female fighters. Here are a few simple guidelines:


1. This archetype must not already exist in the game. (See the characters here)

2. You should be able to express the archetype visually. So, for instance, “tsundere” doesn’t count as an archetype, since that’s more of a personality trait than a visually identifiable trait.

3. Your creation must be entirely original, and not copied from any other source.

4. Entrants need to be 16 or older, and must reside in the U.S. or Canada.


Update: Just to be clear (since some of our readers asked), sending in giant walls of text describing your character won’t help! It needs to be a drawing. You can send a short blurb of descriptive text along with it if you like, but the focus is on the art!


Send your entries to [email protected] by April 13th. We’ll pick the most interesting entry and notify the winner soon after, and your prize package will be shipped in the days to come!



Ishaan Sahdev
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