Without Within Is A Free Visual Novel From Bermuda And Unhack Developer



Indie developer and creator ofBermuda and Unhack, Invert Mouse has released a new visual novel and this time it’s completely free to download and play.


Without Within is about a girl called Vinty who is struggling to get on with her chosen craft of calligraphy. She has dreams in which she is famous for her work, adored by thousands of fans, but wakes up to the regular groans from her grouchy landlady.


As she seems to be getting nowhere, Vinty’s confidence has sunk, and life pressures are pushing her towards giving up calligraphy all together. This is where you enter the game to help her along.



Without Within was inspired by a discussion in the visual novel Reddit about what readers do to immerse themselves into the visual novels they’re playing / reading. It makes for an interesting read, ranging from drinking jasmine tea and wearing headphones to, erm, let’s say getting personally involved in sex scenes.


If you’re wondering, the artwork is by Karla Featherstone, otherwise known as Karousel, while the music was composed by Efe Tozan.


While you can download Without Within for free on its website, there is an Extra Edition available to purchase on Kickstarter for $5 AUD, as well as other physical rewards. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman