Sekai Project have posted an update regarding what’s going on with chapter 2 of World End Economica. The publisher says there have been unforeseen complications with the production and translation process, so the game will unfortunately not make its May 2015 release date.


Meanwhile, World End Economica chapter 1 is currently being ported to Unity. The Unity build of the game is in alpha and Sekai say they’re in the process of updating the art to 1080p. They add that they’re developing the Unity port in a way that future Unity ports of games running on World End Economica’s engine will be possible with less hassle.


This includes World End Economica chapter 2, which will be ported to Unity once chapter 1’s port is complete. As of now, chapter 2 is still in its translation phase. 7 out of 11 of the game’s chapters have been translated, and 6 have been edited.


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