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X-Men Arcade Game Teleports To XBLA And PSN



    Earlier in the year, at the New York Comic-Con, Konami announced that they would be re-releasing their X-Men Arcade game on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, updated with support for up to six players online, with drop-in/drop-out co-op.


    In addition to online play, Backbone Entertainment have also added multiplayer match-making, based on difficulty level.


    X-Men Arcade is out now on both XBLA and PSN for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 respectively. In case you didn’t know, X-Men Arcade has its origins in one of the earliest animated X-Men features ever — Pryde of the X-Men, released back in 1989.


    Pryde of the X-Men was supposed to be the pilot episode of an animated X-Men cartoon, but this didn’t quite pan out until the animated series on Fox, three years later. When the animated series was ultimately produced, Marvel and Fox opted to use Jim Lee’s updated X-Men designs from the 90s, whereas Pryde of the X-Men used designs originally created in the 1970s.


    Here’s the intro for Pryde of the X-Men, in case you’re curious to see it:

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