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XCOM 2 Collection Brings Existential Dread to the Nintendo Switch This Summer

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Despite landing on the PlayStation Vita, of all places, Firaxis’ popular XCOM: Enemy Unknown never made it to the Nintendo Switch. That’s especially weird now, because during the March 2020 Nintendo Direct mini, 2K Games revealed we’re just skipping straight to the sequel. If you’re all about tactical RPG gameplay and have finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses or Mario + Rabbids already, here’s another one that will test your strategy skills. A new XCOM 2 Collection Switch port will arrive (along with other 2K Games series) on May 29, 2020.

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The XCOM 2 Collection comes with a bunch of goodies, specifically the big expansion pack along with the four other post-launch DLC releases. In XCOM 2, you’ll take control of a guerrilla military force, leading the final resistance charge against Earth-occupying Alien armies. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is a full-on expansion, which adds tons of new content including classes, enemies, missions, weapons, and gameplay updates. The Resistance Warrior pack comes with some new gear, and the Anarchy’s Children pack comes with dozens of additional cosmetic items. The other two packs are much larger in scale, starting with Alien Hunters, which provides new weapons, new cosmetics, and a new mission. Finally there’s Shen’s Last Gift, which introduces a substantial new mission, and a unique character class.

For all the details, you can already check out the XCOM 2 Collection Switch eShop page.

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