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Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s DLC Quests Have You Finding A Missing Nopon, And Touring An Abandoned Factory


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Siliconera previously reported on the general content flow of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Season 2, and new details regarding the additional quests have appeared on the game’s official Japanese website.


The first set of DLC quests will be released on January 19, 2018, and contain five different sidequests which are accessible after beating certain chapters in the story. Here are the quest names:

  • The Craftman’s Misery (available Chapter 2 and after)
  • The Missing Nopon (available Chapter 3 and after)
  • Abandoned Factory Exploration Tour (available Chapter 5 and after)
  • The Midnight Diner (available Chapter 7 and after)
  • The Scout (available Chapter 10 and after)


The third set of DLC support items will be available on the same day, including:

  • Driver Essentials Set 2 (Rare Core Crystals x 10, Legendary Core Crystal x 1, Overdrive Protocol x 1)
  • Tora’s Favorite Things (Juicy Samod x 3)
  • Poppi α’s Favorite Things (Fizz Juice x 1)
  • Driver equipment (Accessory: Auto Balancer x 1)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. The Expansion Pass is available for purchase for an extra $30.

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