Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says He’s Finally Made The Game He Always Wanted To

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Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X tweets by director Tetsuya Takahashi once again touched upon the mechs (called “Dolls”) in the game. Takahashi set aside talk of the game’s art staff to speak a little bit about the Dolls this morning.


“The Dolls’ height is about five times that of an adult, making them around 9-10 metres high,” Takahashi said. “This was calculated as the best [human-to-robot] ratio when taking fights or field exploration with both Dolls and humans present into consideration.”


“If the Dolls were bigger than that, the map would also need to be bigger, so we decided upon this size not due to budget constraints, but because it would lead to much slower exploration in human form.”


You may recall that, in an interview with Edge magazine a few months ago, Takahashi stated that the map in Xenoblade Chronicles X is over five times larger than that of Xenoblade.


In his final tweet for the day, Takahashi said: “15 years have passed since Monolith was founded, and I believe that with this game I have finally met the challenge I had within me, of creating an RPG in which humans and robots can co-exist.”


Monolith Soft was formed in October 1999. The company was founded by Hirohide Sugiura and Tetsuya Takahashi after the pair left the employ of Squaresoft and accepted an investment from Namco. Until 2007, Monolith produced games like Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga as part of Namco, after which the studio was acquired by Nintendo and went on to create Disaster: Day of Crisis, Soma Bringer and Xenoblade.

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