Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Different Battle Dialogue Depending On Your Avatar

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Last Friday, Monolith Soft showed off Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle system. This week, director Koh Kojima took to Twitter to post another little tidbit of info as a follow-up to the battle system presentation.


The tweet is to do with the game’s “Soul Voice” system, which you can read all about here. The gist of it is that, during battles, your party members will ask you to perform certain attacks in coordination with them, and if you do so, you’ll get certain bonuses such as additional healing of an increase in power. Conversely, you can issue Soul Voice commands to your teammates and ask them to do the same.


“Soul Voice, which was expensively presented in the battle compilation video, allows you to enjoy a lively battles, building upon Xenoblade Chronicles,” Kojima tweeted. “It was hard work thinking up personalized lines for the 20 possible avatar voices and the set sub-characters—not to mention the huge amount of voice-recording it led to.”


“Yes,” Kojima added,” depending on the avatar, the Soul Voice dialogue changes.”


Kojima is referring to the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles X has an extensive avatar customization system, and that you’ll get to select from a broad range of voices while creating your avatar as well. You can view some of the character customization options in this video.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in Japan on April 29th. North America and Europe will see the game sometime later this year.

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