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Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Let You Toggle Your Character’s Head Gear For Cutscenes


As you know by now, Xenoblade Chronicles X has a plethora of customization features pertaining to both your avatar and the mechs that you’ll get to pilot within the game. This week, director Koh Kojima tweeted another fun little tidbit pertaining to character customization.


Xenoblade Chronicles X has a great deal of equipment to outfit your character with, and some of this equipment consists of visors or helmets that will cover their face. However, if you would prefer for your character’s face to be visible during the game’s cutscenes, there will be an option available to toggle this feature on and off.


Unlike Fashion Equipment, this option will be available right from the start of the game, Kojima added.


Kojima also touched upon one of the game’s multiplayer features this week, this one pertaining to the multiplayer Squad and Union system we outlined earlier.


“Once you’ve progressed to a certain point in the game, the Squad option becomes available. You can choose between the solo play type and the multiplayer type,” Kojima tweeted.


“You can also choose to be part of your friends’ Squad,” he continued. “When the player in question is online, you can change the Union you’re a member of in exchange for a fixed amount of (in-game) money. You can choose to be calculating and switch to well-placed Unions, or decide to work on bringing your own Union’s rank up.”


Kojima also clarified that your Union salary will be affected by your actions pertaining to your Union. In addition, there will also be Doll Maintenance Tickets that can be used once your Doll’s insurance runs out.

Ishaan Sahdev
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