Spark Unlimited, the studio behind YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z and Lost Planet 3, is no longer in the business of making games. The studio has laid off its employees and its assets are up for sale on liquidation site CMA Auctions.


John Butrovich, former Chief Technical Officer at Spark Unlimited, confirmed to Polygon that the studio is no longer creating videogames, and that key members have “decided to move on to other things”.


Among these former employees is Spark Unlimited co-founder Craig Allen, who resigned as president and CEO late last year “to pursue other ventures and interests”.


Prior to shutting down, Spark Unlimited had multiple projects in the works, including a free-to-play game. The company still has ongoing revenue streams, though, including a 2014 movie called Nightmare Code which the studio produced. These are going to a trustee.


Meanwhile, other Spark employees will continue to work together on projects not pertaining to videogames, Butrovich said.


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