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Yes, We’ll Get Japanese Voices For Resident Evil: Revelations, Too


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While the Japanese version of Resident Evil: Revelations will have both Japanese and English voices, we weren’t sure if the same would apply to the U.S. and European versions of the game. Capcom confirmed today that it does.


Resident Evil: Revelations will include both English and Japanese (with English subtitles) voiceovers. The voice of Chris Redfield is performed by Hiroki Tochi, while Jill Valentine is performed by Atsuko Yuya. Tochi also voices Nathan Drake in the Japanese versions of the Uncharted games. Additionally, there will also be voice tracks in four other European languages.


We also know a bit more about the game’s story today. The virus in Revelations is the T-Abyss virus. It’s a marine virus based on the T-Virus itself. The game’s antagonists, Veltro, possess enough to contaminate one-fifth of the world’s oceans.


Revelations has a few other tricks up its sleeve, too; namely invisible B.O.W. enemies. There’s an item in the game called the Genesis. It’s a bio-scanner, which allows you to scan enemies and look for hidden items such as ammo packs as well. When you encounter invisible B.O.W.s, you can use the Genesis to detect them.

Finally, Capcom also confirm that all the enemies from the game’s single player story mode will appear in the co-op Raid Mode, and will have new abilities. For example, they could have higher defense or higher attack power, among other changes.


Also with regard to multiplayer, Capcom have confirmed that only up to 2 players can play Resident Evil: Revelations’ Raid Mode cooperatively. Previously, they mistakenly mentioned 4-player support. Raid Mode can be played cooperatively either locally or over the Internet. It’s slated for release on January 27th in Europe and February 7th in the U.S.


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