Yokai Inn Will Let Players Befriend Monsters and Spirits

Yokai Inn

During this weekend’s Wholesome Direct stream, Yokai Inn debuted its first trailer, showing off gameplay and visual aesthetics. Shiba Pixels is the indie game developer behind Yokai Inn. The game is a slice-of-life sim where the player can fish, cook, and craft to run an inn that spirits and yokai populate.

According to Yokai Inn’s website, the story follows the player character after they have to take shelter in an abandoned inn. As soon as it is night, various yokai appear. The goal of the game is to keep the inn running smoothly from all facets of maintenance. Another aspect of the game is befriending and conversing with the inns otherworldly patrons.

The game features hand-drawn pixel art in its environments and characters. In terms of play style, it’s similar to games such as Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley. In fact, the website notes that Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing served as inspirations for Yokai Inn. Here are a few screenshots of the game. Because the game is still in early development, these may not look exactly like the finished product:

The Wholesome Direct stream showed off over 70 indie games, such as Snacko, an action RPG starring cats. All of the games announced or featured during the stream are on the Wholesome Games website for those who missed it.

Yokai Inn is currently in development and there is no Steam page for it as of this writing. Shiba Pixels posts updates and in-game screenshots on its Twitter account. Yokai Inn will release on Windows PC and mobile devices.

Stephanie Liu
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