Yoshinori Ono And Katsuhiro Harada Indulge In Twitter Fencing


Street Fighter 4 producer, Yoshinori Ono, and Tekken 6 producer, Katsuhiro Harada, are old buddies. It’s likely one of the reasons the Street Fighter X Tekken crossover has been going down pretty smoothly so far…after all, trust is the foundation for letting another company mess with your game.

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That said, what’s friendship without a little friendly verbal sparring? Luckily, whether it’s for our entertainment or their own, this is something Ono and Harada don’t shy away from on their Twitter feeds. Here’s a quick look at some of the recent happenings on that front:


Yoshi_OnoChin: Personal matters, today is my birthday. (^^)/


Harada_Tekken: Happy Birthday Mr. Ono!



Yoshi_OnoChin: Great! Plz sent Dogfood to me. I’ll be give to my dog. Thx! Fxxk off and die!!


Harada_Tekken: What!! I’ll crush u at gamescom!!!


That was from early in the week. Here’s a more recent one:


Harada_Tekken: SF x TK new character @Yoshi_OnoChin



Yoshi_OnoChin: You are really starting to get on my nerves! Now it’s payback time.


Yoshi_OnoChin: Take that!! Hahaha!! That’ll show you!! :D @Harada_TEKKEN



Harada_Tekken: !!!


(the deer’s bubble reads: “I’m feeling dizzy….”)


The affair wasn’t entirely unproductive either. Ono and Harada both like to communicate directly with their fans over Twitter and often accept feedback and comments from their followers. For instance, Harada revealed that he’s also open to suggestions on the Soul Calibur front and that fans waiting for news of that franchise will need to be a little patient.


He also said he’d convey the idea of including more custom fight intros to his Tekken X Street Fighter development team, and that battle footage of the game was a ways off.


Ono, on the other hand, once again replied to queries regarding Darkstalkers by saying he had no news to offer at this time, but that their “hard work would be rewarded.”

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