You Can Own a Gacha Machine With This Backpack

Gacha Machine Backpack

Takara Tomy Arts started accepting pre-orders for a backpack inspired by gacha machines. It even includes a gimmick mechanism that allows people to turn the handle of the bag. However, no capsules will come out of it. The backpack is modeled after the Gacha.2 EZ machine, and it will cost 9,900 yen (roughly $76). The pre-orders will last until February 26, 2023. You can pre-order the backpack from the Takara Tomy Arts official website, only in Japan. [Thanks, Denfaminicogamer!]

The transparent window on the exterior of the backpack can be used to display different illustrations and is fully customizable. Meanwhile, the gimmick handle replicates the same clicking feeling of a genuine gacha machine when turning it. The backpack also includes 10 empty gacha capsules to be used as desired. Pre-orders start on January 25, 2023 and end on February 26, 2023. The planned release date for the backpack is July 2023. You can check out how the backpack will look below.

This is the second product in the “Let’s Play Gacha Project” line of merchandise. The first one was gacha-themed t-shirts. This line of merchandise focuses on the “capsule” aspect of capsule toys, instead of the toys themselves. The backpack is a near identical reproduction of Takara Tomy’s iconic gacha machines. Fortunately, you won’t have to carry an entire plastic machine on your back, as this item is made out of cloth and lighter materials.

In December 2022, Takara Tomy Arts released a new wave of “Forest Pokemon” capsule toys which included Pinsir, Treecko, Butterfree, and Bulbasaur.

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