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You Can Reserve Your Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Now

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing amiibo card reservations are now available on Japanese storefronts. This will include amiibo cards from all four series and the “Welcome Amiibo” line. This will not include the Sanrio collaboration amiibo cards. Reservations can be made until June 30, 2020. Once your order has been made, you will not be able to cancel it. This is because Nintendo has decided to manufacture cards to order due to the price inflation of amiibo cards from third party sellers. [Thanks, GAME Watch!]

If you do end up making reservations for packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, your order should reach you sometime by the end of September 2020. You can purchase the cards from either the official Nintendo Storefront or through Amazon Japan. Individual packs of cards are ¥330, or roughly $3 through Nintendo. Each pack will come with three random amiibo cards, so it’ll be down to luck if you will get the village you’re looking for. Once again, your purchase cannot be canceled after making your order.

Certain Animal Crossing amiibo cards have seen their value increase since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is due to the fact that players can scan their amiibo cards to invite villagers to their campsites, making them eligible to recruit to your island. This has made them extremely coveted pieces of merchandise, with the surge in popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch.

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