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Yu Suzuki Discusses The Pressure And Logistics Of Making Shenmue III



In a recently published interview, Shenmue series director and producer Yu Suzuki discusses the pressure of making the highly anticipated and successfully crowdfunded Shenmue III.


Suzuki also talks about the possibility of a video that may summarize the events of Shenmue I and II. A refresher may be helpful, as he plans to include references to the previous games in Shenmue III that are more than just flashback scenes.


As far as character interactions are concerned, Suzuki continues by stating the game will easily include more than 100 NPCs. However, that number could grow to over 200 depending on the development team’s efficiency.


Watch the full interview (with Japanese and French audio and English subtitles) in the video below:



In case you missed it, Keiji Okayasu, who worked as a sub-director on the first two Shenmue games, is also going to work with Suzuki on Shenmue III. In a separate video message, supporters were updated on the progress made in Shenmue III’s first year of development.


Shenmue III is expected to come to PC and PlayStation 4 in December 2017.

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