As some of our European readers may be aware, Rising Star Games are localizing Chunsoft’s Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward for Europe. However, they’re going about the game’s European release a little differently.


For starters, the European version of Virtue’s Last Reward will not feature a dual audio voice-track like the North American version.


Rising Star opted to go the single-audio + subtitle route. They confirmed via Twitter this morning: “We licensed Virtue’s Last Reward directly from the Japanese developer, Chunsoft, and decided to retain the authentic original voices only.”


That having been said, the European version of the game will use the same English-language text as the North American version published by Aksys.


Additionally, while North America only got a demo for the game on the PlayStation Vita, in Europe, the Nintendo 3DS will get a demo as well. Rising Star say that the demos are coming “sometime in the near future”.


Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward doesn’t have a concrete release date in Europe, but is targeted for release sometime in November.


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