Oh Yes, Dragon’s Dogma Did Very Well In Japan Indeed

By Ishaan . May 31, 2012 . 11:30am

If you read our sales column this past week, you’ll know that Dragon’s Dogma sold very well in Japan at launch. With over 300,000 copies sold in its first week, Dragon’s Dogma beat out the recent Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which itself enjoyed a 250,000-sold first-week debut (both on PlayStation 3).


Sales tracker, Media Create, say that Dragon’s Dogma sold through 86.53% of its stock on the PlayStation 3. The game sold an additional 29,000 copies on the Xbox 360, and that version, too, enjoyed a high sellthrough of 86.56%.


Meanwhile, Mario Tennis Open, which was the other big release last week, sold 101,645 copies. That represented 51.19% of all copies that Nintendo shipped.


While it may seem like a low sellthrough number, Media Create say that it’s actually better than New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis, which sold just 57,000 copies in its first week, and that accounted for a 53.69% sellthrough.

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  • GibbRS

    No!!! Japan!!! don’t feed the beast that is current day Capcom. :(

    Capcom is going to continue to screw over its customers with DLC and half finished games if we tell them we don’t care (with our wallets). 

    • MrRobbyM

      I’d agree with you, but DD is too good to pass up. I bought it(well, it was a gift, really) new to show my support for the game. I want it to continue and become a successful series of games for as long as Capcom doesn’t screw it up -_-

      • konsama

        Agree to this, i told myself i wouldn’t get another Capcom game due to all the stuff (not gonna list everything -_-) but this game is hell good, i’ve been watching some guys stream it live and i think i fell in love with it. And that only happened to my twice before with Fallout 3 and Monster Hunter series.

      • Testsubject909

        I’m temporarily passing up on it.

        I still have Yakuza 4 to finish, I have Dark Souls to finish, I have just about 100 PS2 games to finish, I have a few dozen PS3 games to finish, I haven’t finished Arkham City and so many PSN games are awaiting me, I’ve not finished Disgaea 3 on the Vita, Gravity Rush is coming soon, I’ve not finished LBP2, I haven’t finished my co-op play of Tales of Vesperia with a friend, my sister just bought Tales of Graces F.

        I think I can easily, incredibly easily wait out on Dragon’s Dogma.

        I’ll eventually get it though. But it does make me wonder if, by the time I get it, it’ll get a Best Of/Platinum/Game of the Year/Special rerelease with all DLCs available.

        edit: Mind you, to those who have the money and don’t have the massive backlog of awesome games waiting. Go ahead, purchase it, have fun.

        Don’t purchase the DLC. That’s all I’m asking.

    • Altritter

      Dragon’s Dogma is amazing though, with tons of content and a deep combat system. You shouldn’t let your seething hatred of Capcom blind you to a great game.

      • GibbRS

        I suppose you’re right, and I am being a hypocrite. :(  Saints Row the Third had disc locked content and I loved that game to death and got more than my money’s worth.

        I guess my current problems with Capcom stem from the fact that they were one of my favorite companies of all time for most of my early gaming life, but lately they’ve made so many decisions that make it seem like they care nothing about their loyal fans.

        • mirumu

          I think Capcom are just running the place like any large business. Their goal is to make money, and their primary responsibility is to their shareholders. You won’t find many large companies around that don’t view the world that way.

          It’s easy to read their actions as a dig at us fans, but I don’t take it personally. I just look at each game on it’s own merits. What is or isn’t acceptable will be a personal choice.

          • GibbRS

            True enough, and I’m definitely aware that game developers are out to make money like any business.  300k people just proved that their strategy is working, so I’ll step down from my soap box. :P

          • Testsubject909

            There are companies though that makes money while at the same time respecting or outright spoiling their fanbase.

            And I love those guys.

            edit: So I for one am not stepping down from my soap box when other companies are showing that they can both be friendly to the consumer while also adopting a financially viable and rewarding business plan.

          • Testsubject909

            The Witcher 2 by CD Projekt RED.

            Man I like these guys…

            Oh hey, we’re making a new edition with extra content packed full of goodies and upgrades and we’re selling it for the 360, content that’s unavailable for the PC…

            So what are we going to do?We’re going to offer a freakishly huge patch for free for download for anyone who has Witcher 2 on PC with all that extra content, said extra content being so substantial that you can see it just from the freakishly huge size of the patch itself which is for optional download meaning nobody is forced to suddenly swallow a huge download to keep playing the game yet has all that extra content for free available to them whenever they’ll want to take a hold of it.

            Man I love those guys…

          • mirumu

            I feel the same way about them. They are not a large company, so don’t really fit into the category I was describing, but I really hope they do well and influence others. What they did with The Witcher 2 was a lot like how they handled the enhanced edition of the original Witcher. It was all released free to anyone who’d bought it.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Don’t delude yourself. This game is awesome and worth every penny. If anything I would love to see more DLC for this game.

      • Testsubject909

        So long as the DLC is handled with proper respect and with good content*

        I believe that was missing… After all, wouldn’t want another Fable 3 Black Dye DLC…

    • Croix

      If you don’t want to support DLC, then don’t buy the DLC. If your idea is to go against DLC by not buying the games themselves, that’s a slightly different message.

      • GibbRS

        I don’t mind DLC, I’ve bought plenty of it for other games.  I just don’t like the idea of Capcom having a bunch of finished content that they stripped out of the game to sell later, but still sell the game for $60.

        If they’re going to do that, I’d prefer they chose an episodic approach like Telltale games, with the option to buy the full game/content for full price.

    • mirumu

      I agree with you, and I don’t hate Capcom. Quite the opposite actually. The game certainly looks quite promising, but I’m just not willing to support that kind of
      business practice even if I miss out on a fun game.

      I was quite interested in Dragon’s Dogma myself and while I hadn’t completely decided that I was going to buy it, I was leaning that way. The recent statements from Capcom about how the DLC is implemented though made it an instant no-buy for me.

      From what Capcom themselves have said they understand people don’t like how they have been handling DLC recently, and claim they will improve it with future titles. If they follow through with that I’m more than happy to consider buying those games.

      • Testsubject909

        I’m currently on wait mode. For one part, I’ve yet to finish Dark Soul due to too many games piling up and am currently on a new run of Demon’s Souls due to the now cancelled shut-down of the servers (thank you Atlus) and as such Dragon’s Dogma can wait for me, meaning that I won’t serve as part of the statistics of their positive gain on the immediate first or later quarter this year. But it doesn’t mean I won’t get the game at a later time, though by that point, I won’t really matter on Capcom’s radar and there’s the odd chance I’ll find it used.

        I really like the game though in it’s core, it seems like such a pleasant experience, though I have seen reviews for it that are quite fair and diverse and then there’s AngryJoe’s review of it that I found fascinating and as well as his silent protest on DLC in that episode, to which I agree.I think, when I’ll get the game, I’ll probably avoid getting the DLCs for it…

        And then it comes to mind, just now, as I write this… That I somehow expect a re-release of Dragon’s Dogma with all released DLCs available unlocked as some sort of Game of the Year Edition…

        Huh… Suddenly I think I can wait out even longer on this.

        edit: I’d like to note though. If you do purchase the game, there is still a way of telling Capcom to eat it with their DLC practices.

        It’s easy. Don’t buy the DLCs.

    • boundries_san

      DD is really fun lol. Even if u hate how they operate, if they release good game, u can still go and get the game here.^^

  • malek86

    Mario Party 9 had a low sell-through too, then it exploded in the second week. Also I imagine Nintendo doesn’t want to go over a certain sell-through percentage, since their games are very requested and thus need to be available at all time.

    • Yup, pretty much. Tennis Open will sell and sell and sell if all goes according to plan. I doubt the “low” sellthrough is indicative of anything at all here.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I wonder if it’s important to not that Mario Party 9’s second week was Golden Week, though? Its usual boost to software might just deserve some credit for Mario Party 9’s second week success. I doubt it had -too- much of an impact, but I definitely wonder.

      • malek86

        Most definitely, but the point is that Mario games always keep selling for a long time, unlike almost everything else.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Oh, I got that. It was just a general question.

  • Cephrien

    Dragon’s Dogma is friggin’ amazing. I’ll support it if good DLC comes out. 

    • Asura

      Didn’t you hear? The DLC is already on the disc.

  • Zenkito

    Me and 5 other friends all sat down played till level 20, I fell in love with DD! I couldn’t get enough of it. It was the exact same for one of the other players…though the other 4 are hardcore Bethesda fans and..well…yeah I needn’t say any more on that xD  
    Either way, It seems like a fair amount of people on Siliconera are liking Dragon’s Dogma?! I was really impressed by it’s versatility in combat! I have to be honest, I thought there very few who actually liked this title. Seeing this though brings a smidgen of hope for Dragon’s Dogma! Yay!

    • Testsubject909

      It’s hard to refuse a fusion of Demon’s/Dark Soul + Skyrim + Shadow of the Colossus…

      That said, I haven’t purchased the game yet and my wallet is crying foul because of how much pain it’s in, and with a recently lost job, I don’t exactly have the fundings to just buy anything as it is…

      Or tl;dr: You guys are torturing me, I want to buy it but guah.

      • boundries_san

        The game is reaalllly great here.*Troll face*

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m glad to see Dragon’s Dogma doing so well. Capcom’s experiment paid off. Now I wonder how well it’s faring over here?

    Interesting about Mario Tennis though. I’m expecting it’ll sell more over time despite its low opening. 

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Dragon’s Dogma is my GOTY choice for this year, easy. Anyone that hasn’t tried it owes to themselves at least give it a rent. The amount of crazy awesome stuff that goes on in the game is well worth the price of admission.

  • boundries_san

    Mario Tennis selling 100k is nothing wrong here.^^ As….it is “Mario” game and of course Camelot.^^

    And congrats to Capcom here.(never thought i will said that lol.)^^ DD is a great game and it should sell more here.^^ Here hoping for DD 2.^^

  • Nitraion

    Ugh i even haven’t bought any game There is this DD, meruru,Virtua fighter 5 and final exam X_x dammit and my wallet crying to not metion Sleeping dogs and batman GOTY on my radar too,oh well :|

  • d19xx

    Man Japan sure likes killing monsters. Must be from those Godzilla attacks…

  • canarinta

    I’m torn. While I would be buying a game that looks fun, I would also be supporting Capcom who’s been seriously greedy these past few years.

    • d19xx

      There’s the used and bargain bin option…

  • Muggshotter

    I did not enjoy the demo at all with it’s boring gameplay, atmosphere and horrible frame rate. That said, I do not exactly get the appeal of this game even though my only experience with the game is with an unfinished version of the it.

    Was the frame rate at least fixed in the full version? That alone would put my mind at ease.

    • I didnt found the frame rate bad on the demo on the first place

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