The Last of Us Did Really, Really Well In Japan

By Ishaan . June 29, 2013 . 11:00am

Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment released The Last of Us in Japan, and the game sold 117,465 copies in its first week. Sales tracker Media Create reports that the game sold through 88.01% of its initial shipment.


As we reported on Wednesday, The Last of Us debuted just below the numbers of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. That said, The Last of Us is a brand new I.P. unlike Uncharted; and furthermore, the game is rated CERO Z, the highest age rating in Japan, which is usually considered a hindrance to sales.


All things considered, The Last of Us did very well for itself at launch indeed.


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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Very naaz

  • Important note to all Western developers hoping to sell their games in Japan: include more cute little girls. Bonus $$$ if the player is a big, strong man protecting said girl(s).

    • I think you got it.

    • Highasthesky

      Why is this comment so true?

      • Because glorified escort missions with cute little girl NPCs is now shorthand for DEEP and MATURE storytelling in video games, apparently.

        • Tarlol

          how to spot someone who hasn’t played the game

          • How’d you figure me out, Sherlock? Was it the fact that I openly admitted it about a dozen posts above this one?

          • Tarlol

            just confused by your desire to share your uninformed opinion if you’re ready to openly admit you have no idea what you’re talking about

          • You should probably also admit you haven’t spent significant time in Japan, because your “opinions” are an utter joke.

    • Sognatore

      lol… so true

    • Guest

      Second note: Don’t be Microsoft.

      • Testsubject909

        I’m still wondering about a few things.

        The Day 1 Patch, is it available worldwide or only downloadable within the 21 approved countries making it a semi moot point for a worldwide audience outside of specifically prepared imports meaning all imports would be technically used Xbox Ones.

        The Blu-Ray Drive for the Xbox One, is it a higher end Blu-Ray player like the one that the PS4 has which is triple speed of the original, or is it the same Blu-Ray drive that the PS3 has used? I ask because while we have those specs for the PS4, on Microsoft’s side, they’ve been silent on specifying what sort of Blu-Ray drive they’ve got. If it’s the slower one, that’ll kill people’s patience with the required installation times.

        The power source, I’ve heard there’s no place for an internal power supply unit, so that would indicate a power brick, but there have been statements that there is no power brick, but someone spotted a power brick possibly for the Kinect, so what’s going on exactly with the power supply for the Xbox One because without an internal power supply it’s impossible for it to NOT have a power brick, so are the statements of it not having a power brick just false or is it even worse then that and Microsoft is going to show engineering incompetence that will surpass the stupidity of the X-clamp heatsink?

        Sorry. You said Microsoft.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Come on Test, do you really have to find the means to turn every post into a Microsoft rant? That really must end immediately. Yes, immediately.

          The subject of the thread is about the success an American title had in Japan, not what the Xbox One power brick will look like. The original poster didn’t even bother to keep their post around — it is now another Guest ghost. The poster above Guest was trolling the thread with an idea I doubt is one you share.

          Quit driving things into the ground and keep yourself focused on the subject at hand. No more chances on these fronts.

    • RichyGaming
    • ReidHershel

      Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4 are two other good examples. Also be colorful: EX: Battleblock, Castle Crashers, the playstation mascots.

    • neogeno

      Yep, I can agree with this.

    • I don’t think that’s the reason, Ellie is a strong young female something that has been lacking in Japan for quite some time

      Ellie isn’t the cute you’re looking for

      • Barrylocke89

        While that may be true (I can’t say personally since as much as I REALLY want to, I haven’t played this game since I don’t have a PS3), I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a few sales were pushed by people who were looking at it in an impulse buy.

        “Hmm, what do they have out this week…oh, this game has zombies. AND a precocious 14 year old girl? Eh, why not, it’s been awhile since I’ve played an American game.”

      • Not at all, you haven’t seen many anime do, have you ? A lot of loliles heroine are strong willed characted. Take example in Rosen maiden.

        • Wtv

          It’s because they are cute.
          West can’t imagine girls being cute and strong, it seems.

        • I wasn’t talking about anime, try real life

          • Richmond Lee

            I’ve had the good fortune to meet many strong young Japanese women in my life. All of them grew up loving Manga and fun stuff and they had great female cartoon role models like Nausicaa.

          • Aesma

            Strong willed women in real life in Japan? I thought in Japan, some (if not most) ‘new generation’ women are more mature and are considered to be career women, which is one reason of low birth rate in Japan…

          • Let’s not bring their other issues into this, topic is getting derailed

          • Aesma

            Hahaha, sorry about that, you did say about ‘real life’ so I commented what I know of their current status…

          • Wtv

            However, TLOU is a game. What you said would make sense only if you’re talking about games or similar things.

            Pop culture doesn’t really reflect how society works, since they are usually idealized visions.

        • Tienron

          name some more because there are still lacking in strong secondary female characters

      • Saku

        Ellie is strong sure.
        But she is still cute. She also doesn’t have as bad a mouth as she does in the English version which can help.

        • seyEliveD

          Really? I actually found her constant swearing to be endearing for some reason…

      • Wtv

        Stop watching shounens.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Joel is old and decrepit.
      Maybe the Japanese giggle because America is screwed in the game.

      • Bobby Jennings


    • anarchy_panty

      Japan has been burned by Ellie’s moe.

    • Elvick

      Yeah… no. Ellie is hardly the ‘damsel’ that Japan tends to employee in their stories.

      If it weren’t for spoilers, I’d school you hard. But you’re lucky~

      • Arrei

        I’d think that’s a big part of the appeal. Ellie manages to develop and act as a powerful female while still being an endearing character.

      • I don’t care about the nuances of the story; I know about as much about the game as the average prospective consumer, and therefore the majority of people who will have bought it.

        • Tarlol

          really? i mean she’s packing heat on the front cover of the game, dude.

      • linkenski

        Somehow i hope TLoU’s success in Japan leads to a change in some of their Anime cliches. I’m so sick of modern anime.

      • Raltrios

        It isn’t that the Japanese employ damsels, it’s that they employ imoutos and daughterus.

      • Richmond Lee

        Japan has a good history of strong female video game leads too. Classic RPGs like Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy have always had strong female characters. The Boss from Metal Gear is one of the most bad ass characters Ive ever seen man or woman. People love to single out big boobed fighting game characters like Mai and Ivy while ignoring the literally dozens of other really cool non stereotypical women from those franchises (and I would even argue that Mai and Ivy aren’t really very stereotypical designs, they still have a lot of unique character). Drag On Dragoon 3 looks to introduce some strong female characters who are actually capable of enjoying sex on their own terms. The list goes on. It’s easy to find a lot of examples of damsels in distress, but it’s also just as easy to find tons of characters that buck that trend.

        • puchinri

          I think the problem is regardless of region, we definitely have a good share of female leads and protags, but not nearly enough and the trend is still for a majority of icky representation. But it sounds pretty good so far from what I know of TLoU.

    • Adrian Duran

      Bioshock Infinite?
      The Walking Dead?

    • Wtv

      If the games sells on west is because it’s good.
      If sells on Japan is because it has little girls.


      • Let’s not kid ourselves, the little girls helped.

    • d19xx

      Ellie sailor fuku dlc = sales boost….

  • EmptySkyForm

    Ellie-chan and Joel-chan should be very happy their game is doing good everywhere!

  • Learii

    I hope that make japan will bring more their games to the west too

    • David García Abril

      Eeeh… That makes no sense whatsoever.

      To make Japanese companies to bring more of their games to the West, Japanese games need to sell in the West.

      The case of TLoU is pretty much the reversed situation.,. What it can do is to help to more Western games to be released in Japan. Which, trust me, happens LESS often than most people think. And fully localized to Japanese happens EVEN LESS often. And on top of all that having a proper marketing campaign behind? That’s VERY rare.

  • ragingmerifes

    No wonder; the game is wonderful and japanese people love good plots.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      I don’t think that the case

      • whatinthewolrd

        It is, most western games have some of the worst and most generic story plots that feel they were ripped off from films, and the dialogue from a 90s action flick.

        • Tienron

          actually japan has the most unoriginal stories ever….

          • whatinthewolrd

            Cite games or you have no base.

          • Tienron

            legend of dragoon, the last story, final fantasy most shonen manga’s with an orfan boy with supernatural powers ending up to the most strongest thing alive ect ect luffy, naruto, dante that typical over again story line that’s been done way to many times…

          • whatinthewolrd

            lmao Okay, go play your movie games.

          • Tienron

            hehehe ok, and you have fun with your copy and paste story lines :)

          • whatinthewolrd

            Oh that’s ironic because that’s exactly what you are doing.

        • Daniel blue

          Japan’s got it worse. Way worse.

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          Zombie isn’t so big in Japan unless it like Lollipop Chainsaw

          • Eric

            Nope. Resident Evil.

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            Capcom is Japanese Company and made by Japanese people.

            The Last of Us not and is more western focus.
            The Last of Us doesn’t have those Resident Evil type Zombies.

          • Eric

            I’m saying Resident Evil is not anything like lollipop chainsaw, but it’s still a big Japanese franchise.

    • linkenski

      Although I think most japanese people would’ve preferred it to have a much more convoluted story. Also I simply cannot understand their age-ratings. This is adult-material but anime that has characters with huge breasts and generally obvious sexual appeal plus perverted pedophile-behaving old farts that want to grope everyone they can is just fine.

      • Ultimaniacx4

        Do you have the proof that says they’re considered ‘just fine?’ I’m sure they’re all rated accordingly.

      • kmantle

        Wrong. Most anime series are aired past midnight, with almost all blood and fan-service censored (if applicable), even in premium cable/satellite tv services. An anime series airing uncensored is a very rare thing, and even so, it’s aired very late.

      • mirumu

        That seems really backwards to me. Japan’s system makes far more sense. Why should killing people be less offensive than, well, …anything?

        Stuff with high sexual content will be rated Cero Z anyway.

      • Testsubject909

        Oh hey. Stereotypes for the sake of the funnies.


        Understandable though. They brought us such lovely things known as Hentai and their culture is so alien to someone who doesn’t speak their language. Hell I don’t speak their language and I can only slightly understand parts of their culture, but that’s because I actually bothered to do the research on the matter to understand some of these things.

        Now… From the US viewpoint, a culture based on war, let’s not kid ourselves, they love to make love to the idea of War. War on Terror. War on Poverty. War on Famine. War on Guns. War on Wars because Wars aren’t cool man says the stereotypical make love not war hippy of the US.

        Well… From the viewpoint of the US… Japan is so weird ain’t it? They censor their porn even though it’s legally sold to adults. They have a society that has a high focus on hierarchy and respect to their elders and seniors. They’re sexually restrictive and simultaneously sexually open in some ways that are just alien despite how much the US loves to have girls hypersexualized, have tons of fantasies of barely legal teens as depicted by the hundreds of thousands of porn sites and…


        Wait what were we talking about again?

        Oh yeah. You’re racist.

        • Shane Guidaboni

          I agree with all your points, but it wasn’t really fair to call the dude a racist. He didn’t say anything specific about hating Asians (Japanese people aren’t a race by the way, they’re an ethnic group), but he’s certainly ignorant.

          • Testsubject909

            Racism comes in many ways big or small, he was displaying signs of racism, not to an extreme level as we would usually associate racist actions to, but his statements were still racially dependent and, yes, possibly fueled by ignorance.

            It’s not so much that it isn’t racism but rather ignorance… But rather that it’s ignorant racism. Or racist ignorance. Or racignorance… or ignoracist.

            I’m tired. I need to sleep. My brain works weird when I need to sleep.

        • linkenski

          So big and righteous you are. Have to add, i’m not from the US at all. I’m danish and i’m not racist. I’m trying to say i’m tired of cliches and tropes of japanese storytelling, but I’ll also add that i actually do like and watch japanese movies, play games and on a rare occasion I bother to watch an Anime.

          I just love and hate japan and hate them at the same time when it comes to their storytelling.

        • Tienron

          lol america loves to hypersexualized women hahah and japan don’t?

      • linkenski


    • Sardorim

      This is true, Japan loves stories a ton while many in the west are content with run and gun with no story or plot just as long as the gameplay is fun and they can fight real players online.

  • ShadowJetX

    And it deserves it. TLoU is a truly fantastic game and all the praise it gets its pretty much genuine.

  • Suicunesol

    Did this game get a lot of exposure in Japan? Sony must have done some amount of promoting. :o
    Checked NicoNico… some gameplay videos have a lot of views.

    • Aoshi00

      They did for Uncharted 3 having Harrison Ford play the game. I think people in Japan are just aware of the high quality from Naughty Dog games (Jpn reviews can’t praise the graphics enough), also they always like games that tell a good story like Bioshock, which Jpn games haven’t managed to do lately in my opinion w/ only a few exception..

      Joel did get voiced by a veteran Yamadera Kouichi (Vincent of Catherine, Spike from Cowboy Bebop), so that’s some drawing power, like famous VAs dubbing a Hollywood movie, and TLoU is very cinemtic. Ellie is voiced by Han Megumi (Gon from the new Hunter x Hunter).. I imported a 2nd copy too..

      I think they just start to appreciate quality games when they see it, despite it being a Western game facing resistance.. and games w/ zombie setting having engrossing human drama is very intriguing, a lot of people were impressed by the trailers shown last year. Good games are universal, it’s not moe.. I hope the above comments are jokes. I’m guessing Beyond Two Souls would do well too like Heavy Rain..

      Oh, and Jpn gamers call the infected mushroom heads lol.. I haven’t finished the game yet, it’s not something that I can just pick up after a day’s of work since the story is too heavy, need to finish it on an off-day like the Walking Dead..

      • Testsubject909

        I’m wondering, personally, about Beyond Two Souls though.

        But that’s because I was there at the reveal of it when it during the E3 stream…

        The promise was such a lovely idea. A dramatic, emotional story of the everyday life of a girl who is haunted by these powers. I expected something tight, personal, somewhat slice of life, maybe slightly claustrophobic from a singular setting or who knows from a more vagabond style with moving from places to places with the odd happenings and something more sentimental, but still at the base of it all, made to be very intimate between you and the events of this girl who would grow up while possessing this otherworldly power…

        What I immediately got afterwards was a trailer full of explosions a la Michael Bay.

        And subsequent reveals and trailers only furthered the idea of Michael Bay-ism…

        This was not what the sales pitch promised.

        This is… well it’s Michael Bay. But not really Michael Bay…

        As such… Yeah. I don’t know about Beyond Two Souls… And I imagine because I said something bad about the game, some people will downvote me without explaining why they’re downvoting me because they think it should be obvious. But it’s not. Again, the sales pitch and initial promise is in stark contrast with the actual item provided, or rather the trailers provided which are meant to be representative of the final product.

        A military training montage sequence in a Call of Duty-esque training area is also not encouraging.

        • mirumu

          That’s pretty much the same way Bioshock Infinite was ruined too in my view. The homogenisation of the AAA market is getting out of hand.

        • Aoshi00

          Actually I was a bit surprised the same way by the latest E3 trailer.. I’m sure it would have more psychological stuffs though coming from Quantic Dream who have made Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain in the past, as the main character can see a spirit and such, and she did go thru such military training, why she was hunted down later. Maybe they did an action packed trailer just for the show floor, who knows. Anything w/ Ellen Page or Willem Dafoe I don’t think it could be too bad. I wouldn’t jump to Michael Bay so soon, the Island was great though. I wouldn’t worry about it so much not to pre-order the game. QD had always made games I liked, like Remedy.

    • David García Abril

      Oh, definitely.

      I was there a month ago and the electronic stores and malls already had tons of ads, trailers, signs… All that good stuff. It’s pretty clear that Sony had a lot of faith in the project, and looks like their effort payd off.

      Oh, and to the people putting stereotypical “All Japan is (pervert) Akihabara” comments: the ads were pretty much identical to the ones in the West. Read: Ellie is not sexualized, nor used for attracting the “moe-loving” demographic.

  • Lots of my friends picked it up

  • Tom

    A friend of mine bought a PS3 just because of this game.

  • Jason A

    Loli’s sell in japan.

  • DesmaX

    Still gonna be a while until my copy arrives… Oh well, really can’t wait to play this. Definitely looks like the best PS3 game

  • Neophoton

    I wouldn’t have expected it to do so well, but I’m glad to see Naughty Dog continuing to get mass praise for their efforts.

  • Arcana Wiz

    I think good games are universal if they are good and have a great advertising and Naughty dog have a good reputation too.

    • AnimusVox

      That’s pretty much how I’d sum it up as well, I don’t think it has so much to do with region.

      • Arcana Wiz

        Yup to me this western vs japan thing is desnecessary cause what i want to play isn’t a game from X or Y region, i want good games.

  • Saku

    I think it’s weird the game is rated Z and yet some of the violence has still been toned down.

  • ChiffonCake

    Hey, that’s pretty good to hear. Also interesting, especially since it’s rated CERO Z… perhaps a time will yet come when that and ESRB AO are not seen as evil.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    A Cero Z doing those numbers…and from a western studio. That’s great penetration for a game like this over there.

    • Testsubject909

      Indeed, they went in deep and I’m quite proud about the whole affair.

      And anyways, considering how the gaming crowd has done nothing but grown up with time, I would hardly see a more mature rating as all that damaging to a good title, slightly restrictive certainly but loose enough that many can just jump right in…


  • RichyGaming

    What I find epic about the comment section of this article is that some people are disliking comments just because.

    • Nightmare637

      Angry Ellen Page fans? or random TLoU haters?

    • DesmaX

      Just because I have to import my games, I guess…

    • Testsubject909

      We have those occasionally.

  • Linhua

    … as expected.

    *Very Pleased*

  • Skyer Ist


  • Pyrofrost

    Jesus Christ! Did the comment section for this article just completely slide under the moderation radar or something.
    It’s like some people were allowed to use this thread as an unfiltered sounding-board for their ignorance and stupidity, with zero consequence.

    • I’m not surprised one bit but really they only moderate when things goes haywire

      • Pyrofrost

        I believe it has. Some of the comments in this thread are no different than someone saying, “Man, those black people. All you need to do to please them is offer a watermelon, a glass of kool-aid, and a bucket of fried chicken.”

        (ie: looking at all the, “Just throw in underage/little/loli girls” comments)

        I’ve had comments deleted and edited here for saying far less abrasive things. Basically for being deemed unproductive to the topic, or something that could possibly incite “flame” posts. I just fail to understand the double-standard being had here.

        • Testsubject909

          As a Chinese guy.

          Gimme a glass of coca cola, the bucket of fried chicken and you can keep your watermelon.

          • Pyrofrost

            Upvoted for humor :3

          • …this has something to do with the article how?

          • Pyrofrost

            It was a reply to a reply down a line of replies, does it even really matter at this point.

            My OP in this string of comments has nothing to with the article either, nor have any of the comments in reply (including yours). So why even bring this up now?

          • What bother me is that I HAVE TO SCROLL ALLLLLL the way down to even see the next chain of comment and then again if it has nothing to do with it. So yeah I question your intention in your original post.

          • Pyrofrost

            If scrolling on the internet causes you such inconvenience and pain, then I offer my condolences. That was not my intention.

            The intention of my original post is explained quite clearly in my original post:


            and explained further in my first reply to you here:

            To explain things in more simple terms; I was addressing the fact that the staff has edited and deleted less abrasive comments here, while allowing comments made in blatant prejudice to get a free pass.

            To the staff: I mean no disrespect, but I don’t understand the reasoning behind this manner of moderating.

        • mirumu

          Moderation aside, what I find most sickening is that so many people actually think that way. That’s a problem deleting their posts isn’t going to fix. You wouldn’t think this is 2013.

          • Testsubject909

            I would. This year is definitely 2013.

            Those qualities, and I’m speaking purely in terms of vocabulary here since negative qualities are still qualities in the broad sense of the word, have existed for… as long as we’ve been able to record history, or rather can be proven to as far back as that.

            So… Something like that is not going to go away, not anytime soon. Maybe if we’re REALLY good at it and do a REALLY good job. Realistically in that idea, if we’re doing the absolute best we can…

            Maybe… 150 years or so? Enough time for the older generation to pass away and have the next generation clear of the weight of it’s ancestry on top of a new world order in place?

            So basically next to impossible. Highly incredibly improbable to the point of everyone in the country simultaneously winning the top prize of a lottery.

            Not impossible… Not impossible… There’s still a tiny minuscule imperceptible chance of that happening…

            But it’s pretty much next to impossible.

          • mirumu

            Definitely, but when you look at how far things have come, even in just the last few decades, it’s hard to see how people can be so blasé about perpetuating racial stereotypes.

          • Testsubject909

            No it’s not.

            We’ve got our surroundings to deal with, our clashing cultures, our ancestry and immediate parents, we’ve multiple ideologies passing around, we’ve got natural malice and mischief, hedonistic tendencies, people with varying different sorts of complexes which in turn affects other people.

            Our culture hasn’t really evolved much, if anything in the ways we have evolved, we’ve also caused new problems. I know you can bring things up like Racism and Sexism, but these aren’t problems solved, they’ve been made better by not setting certain classes of people as “Not Human” or “Without Soul” (Racism and Sexism, if memory serves me correctly about the Soul bit… Yeah that sounds strange but I vaguely recall something about that mindset in a period of time from way long ago.)

            Plus again, things get passed down each generation and we’ve not even gotten rid of the previous generation and the baby boomers yet, their mindset might alter slightly but not rapidly enough or significantly enough as a whole to truly allow large scale changes to the current generation or the next.

            So no.

            I can believe it’s easy for people to continue these racial stereotypes…

            Plus it’s easier. And people are lazy. And it’s funnier. And people like comedy.

            Yes it hurts people. Comedy often does. And it makes people feel good. And it simplifies their world.

            And people are just generally hedonistic in nature.

            It’s kinda sad. But it’s what we have.

          • mirumu

            I don’t disagree, you’re totally right, but it just seems really strange to me how it’s generally accepted that you cannot make such comments about certain groups in society, but at the same time do not equate it to the same thing when talking about other groups.

            It makes you wonder if people truly believe that racism is bad, or they just keep quiet about their view on the occasions it might get them in trouble.

          • Testsubject909

            Don’t really got an answer for you, but I got a song. Take it light heartedly by the way.


          • mirumu

            That’s definitely a common view I think. It’s not one I really subscribe to though. I think at a genetic level we do have a fear of people and things that are different and unknown. No doubt such instincts served us well when humanity was threatened by extinction in the last ice age, but is that racism? I don’t think that’s what it is personally, I think it’s merely survival instinct and unrelated to race.

            We cannot fight our genetics, but I don’t think racism is an inherent part of our unconscious psyche or that we are all in some way racist.

          • Pyrofrost

            I do agree with you.
            I just hate seeing people spread their ignorance, stupidity, and prejudice; then hiding behind the guise of “oh, it’s my opinion” or “I have a right to my opinion.”
            I don’t feel moderation of those things should stop just because it’s something that is not going away. That would be like saying the police shouldn’t worry about doing their jobs because people will always kill and rape and steal.

          • mirumu

            Oh I wasn’t suggesting they shouldn’t be moderated. My point was more that even when the comments are long gone, the people with those viewpoints remain. It’s a bit depressing.

          • Pyrofrost

            Ah, I see exactly what you mean, and I completely agree.
            In order for true change to take place it needs to be on a societal level, and it’s not something that can be forced.
            All we can do to keep people with those view-points at bay, is diminish their voice as much as we possibly can; and keep them from influencing others.
            It’s the only reason we’ve made as much social progress as we have. (and I do make this statement loosely).

          • Testsubject909

            And people dislike being wrong. It takes a lot of effort to re-educate someone. And all that effort and time will only affect one person. And only if done right.

            This is the sort of trouble that makes it next to impossible to change some of these basic flaws in not just our culture but every culture.

            And the fact that every culture has these flaws means…

            Well…. Good luck.

            Plus, some have some valid reasons for their hatred that are set in history. The Japanese incarcerated in the US during World War 2, the darker skinned people being enslaved by the fairer skinned ones, religious dogma that treats itself as the absolute truth requiring to wipe out all lies in some way shape or form, the Japanese committing atrocities to the Chinese people, the constant wars that continues on to this day in foreign third world countries…

            You will almost need to mentally neuter every single human being to remove those prejudice…

            Because even as we speak, our conversation here is budding some new prejudice. Prejudice towards those who holds prejudice… Yes, silly to point out but it’s there. And that will in turn breed new different disdain, dislike and hatred.

            And these will spiral into new forms of malice and dark thoughts that will be altered and shaped by a variety of negative influences and positive influences.

            And the process will continue on and on as long as we hold baggage of any sort. And we always do. Because we not only have memories but also history.

            And society… And culture… And religion… And a reptilian brain. And etc etc etc.

            I’m not exactly saying you need to learn to live with it… Just that you need to understand that it’s a losing fight. At least not one that can be won in such a short time as just one person’s lifetime.

            Hell… The rights for women and the battle against racism has been how many generations in the making?

          • Pyrofrost

            Oh believe me, I understand exactly what you’re saying. I live in the south, in the US. I see non-filtered racism and prejudice every day

            Though it is a losing battle though. I don’t feel that is it something that should go unchecked, or given a pass simply because it’s inevitable.

          • Testsubject909

            You know what amuses me?

            South US, (Almost said South America, that’d be dumb. South America’s an entirely different part of the continent, much like Central America. So South US of North America…) has some prejudice, and they’re acting against that prejudice and want to keep hold of their tradition and the good old days of the south, which means maintaining their prejudice and supremacy to other races.

            You have racist groups fighting for their rights and beliefs as racists under the guise of tradition and culture but arguably not without substance as their ways are indeed identifiable and different. And while certainly not all members of those who defends the ways of the US South are racist, those outside of the south would most immediately think they are, right?

            And that is something-ist towards them… So there apparently is an opposition for them to fight against… And we cannot fully prove just what percentage of their group is fighting for all the wrong reasons…

            I’d make a joke by comparing it to another social movement… But then I’d be making a joke towards all social movements.

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah southern North America, particularly the southeastern portion.
            The racism is still thick here and we still have serious incidents because of it. Sure not everyone here is racist and stupid; but there is a large enough portion of people doing what they do, it makes everyone look bad.
            Hell, to contribute further to southern stereotypes, there was someone arrested in my town the other day for having an ongoing consensual sexual relationship with his daughter; and according to evidence it’s been going on for years.

            As for social movements…every social movement is a fucking joke because they are all have hidden agendas.
            The only social movement that should be pursued is the one NOT being pursued, human equality and human rights.

          • mirumu

            I guess that might be why I see it a bit differently. Here in New Zealand I really don’t see racism daily. No country is free of it of course, but it’s rare enough that when it does happen it stands out as something abnormal and tends to be widely condemned.

            On most days I interact with people from various races without our race even being a “thing”. I don’t think I could easily count the various ethnicities at work and I’ve never seen a racial problem on the job in all my years.

            I knew this was still a problem in the south of the US, but didn’t realise it still existed to the extent it was a daily occurrence. That’s quite saddening to hear.

          • Pyrofrost

            *”On most days I interact with people from various races without our race even being a ‘thing’.”*

            I would kill for that kind of experience, lol. For us, that is not something that is a way of life. You can only experience this with specific people. I would love to live in a place where race and ethnicity isn’t an issue during human interaction; however, I also know that this ideal is nothing more than wishful thinking.

            As far as the racism problem in the south here. In reality, it’s more than simply a daily occurrence; sadly, it’s a way of life.

        • Bobby Jennings

          This actually made me laugh, because I’m black but I don’t like Watermelon or fried chicken…I’d rather have me a nice Cheeseburger or some Grilled Hot Dogs :P

          • Testsubject909

            If you go to Canada, try some burgers at Harveys or go to The Works.

            Harvey’s is a fast food chain, their motto is “long live the grill”, you choose the toppings for your burgers so think of Harvey’s as the Burger equivalent of Subway.

            The Works is a restaurant with tons of focus on Burgers. I believe it’s also a chain of restaurants. Some interesting burgers you can have there.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Oh man, that sounds delicious <3….I have Five Guys, but I haven't tasted their burgers over here in New York yet :c

          • Pyrofrost

            Upvoted for Five Guys!

          • Testsubject909

            I’d need to go on a road trip just to check out all the different foodstuff I can eat and all the reputable restaurants I can find.

            Hell, I wanna try The World.

            And that steamed burger

            And speaking of Cheeseburgers…

          • Musashi234

            OH GOD “The World” LOOKS FREAKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

          • Testsubject909

            I know right?

            I’d be unable to eat it before it melts but I’d sure as hell try!

          • Pyrofrost

            I was more or less grasping at a stereotype to compare to what’s being perpetuated in this thread.

            Being that I live in the South (in the US) and I see this ignorance and hate every day. This was the first thing that came to mind. xD

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Please note the consequence is large numbers of the community seeing what kind of posters these folks are. And then sharing their own thoughts on the ideas expressed. Plus be aware, it is quite possible to come to a mod’s attention without getting a mod post or delete. The latter does matter.

          tl;dr If folks are already speaking calm peace in return, and things aren’t degrading into a hate fest, sometimes I do like to let the community have their say.

          • Pyrofrost

            Thank you for taking the time to explain why M’iau.
            As I said, I meant no disrespect to the staff, I was just curious about it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            No worry, and yes there are those times a post can happen when not many eyes are around. At that time, the community’s best option is to flag so one of us can see the concerns upon our return.

            Sadly, ‘moe aesthetic’ discussions can bring out questionable posts. Sometimes it does seem caught up in those lovely currrent internet hot button issues or folks posting from an honest and differing Western viewpoint. Other times, it is of course folks who are plenty knowledgeable posting just to troll. Those folks the community is free to just ignore.

      • So how about those sales?

        Ahahaha, you guys.

    • Testsubject909

      At this hour, I think most mods are sleeping.

  • heartless141

    one of those sale was mine.
    on a note though, Japanese version got the exploding head censored, then some mouth corpse’s mouths was edited so they close a bit more.

    didn’t mind much though i guess. the only thing that bugs me right now is i can’t play with my US friends as japan hasn’t got the newest patch yet

  • Testsubject909

    Technically Five Words Comment: Congrats

  • Umar Fong Wong

    Maybe it sold well because it’s a really…REALLY fine game?……..

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I’m glad that the Japanese like the game! :D

  • Musashi234

    Im Glad it did well in Japan =D Naughty Dog Deserves every penny for this Masterpiece!

  • William Perdomo

    Nice I bough it day one it amazing can’t wait for the single player dlc

  • Japan should get rid of CERO Z or at least ease the restrictions, it’s ridiculous and harms the market.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Deserved it.
    That Game is Wonderfull in so many ways

  • s07195

    Just came back from Japan, and in Tokyo, the game stores are advertising it a LOT.

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