Post 81590

Arc Rise Fantasia Playtest: A Flock Of Feldragons

By Ishaan . August 6, 2010 . 7:22pm

We take the much-anticipated Arc Rise Fantasia for a spin.

Post 78744

Arc Rise Fantasia Is In Some Stores Now

By Spencer . July 20, 2010 . 10:55am

Ignition set Arc Rise Fantasia’s release date as July 27, a week after the game ships to stores. Confusing? You bet.

Post 76956

Arc Rise Fantasia Is Three, Maybe Two, Weeks Away

By Spencer . July 6, 2010 . 7:04pm

L’arc’s fight against the feldragons is almost here. Ignition set July 20th as the day the game ships to stores.

Post 75752

Arc Rise Fantasia Had “Unique Challenges”, Ignition Hopes To Turn A New Corner

By Spencer . June 25, 2010 . 1:05pm

“The voice acting, to put it lightly, has gotten less than favorable reactions,” I said to Shane Bettenhausen, New Business Development Director at Ignition, during an E3 meeting.

Post 72023

Arc Rise Fantasia Developer Working With PlayStation 3, Apparently

By Spencer . May 26, 2010 . 11:54pm

Imageepoch, the studio behind Luminous Arc, 7th Dragon, and Arc Rise Fantasia, are in search of a new RPG programmer.

Post 69082

Arc Rise Fantasia Screenshots And Character Art Is Silent

By Spencer . April 30, 2010 . 4:25pm

Meet L’Arc friends and the cast of Arc Rise Fantasia including Prince Alf, comic relief sidekick Niko, clueless Ryfia, and flirtatious Leslie.

Post 67893

Oh Dear, Arc Rise Fantasia’s Dub…

By Spencer . April 20, 2010 . 6:45pm

Last month, Ignition announced they were going to dub Arc Rise Fantasia instead of leaving the original voice acting. Here are the results…

Post 67309

Sample Ignition’s Arc Rise Fantasia Localization In These Screenshots

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 12:56pm

The Wii has a decent selection of role playing games – Xenoblade, Tales of Graces, and The Last Story come to mind. We’re not sure when or if those games are leaving Japan, but Arc Rise Fantasia is.

Post 63525

Arc Rise Fantasia Dubbed In English For U.S.

By Ishaan . March 9, 2010 . 9:05pm

Final retail build of Arc Rise Fantasia to be dub-only.

Post 59226

Arc Rise Fantasia Soundtrack Dated, Costs More Than The Game

By Ishaan . January 31, 2010 . 11:36am

Ironically, the soundtrack to Arc Rise now costs more than the game itself.

Post 58341

Nintendo Channel Voters Pick Budget Wii Games

By Spencer . January 20, 2010 . 11:06pm

Nintendo has a different take on budget reprints. For Wii games, Nintendo’s Everyone’s Recommendation Selection is based solely on acclaim from Nintendo Channel voters.

Post 50151

Xseed Comments On Arc Rise Fantasia Publisher Change

By Spencer . October 22, 2009 . 7:49pm

As of today, Arc Rise Fantasia will be handled by Ignition Entertainment. After hearing the news I contacted Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed.

Post 49973

Ignition Grabs Arc Rise Fantasia From Xseed

By Spencer . October 22, 2009 . 10:39am

The deal between Marvelous and Xseed must have changed since Ignition Entertainment is now bringing Arc Rise Fantasia to North America.

Post 42201

Marvelous Updates Us About Their Future Projects

By Spencer . July 17, 2009 . 4:03pm

Little King’s Story is on deck. Beyond that Marvelous has many more games coming to North America and I asked Marvelous rapid fire questions about them.

Post 35266

Luminous Arc Witches Magically Appear In Arc Rise Fantasia

By Spencer . May 8, 2009 . 2:39am

Arc Rise Fantasia and Luminous Arc both have “arc” in their name, but they are not related. Even though they are separate entities a few familiar faces from Luminous Arc found their way into Arc Rise Fantasia.

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