Post 484127

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets A Wii U Stretch Goal

By Ishaan . May 27, 2015 . 9:31am

At $3 million, Igarashi and Inti Creates will commission a Wii U port of the game.

Post 483931

Tanya Joins Mortal Kombat X In Early June

By Ishaan . May 26, 2015 . 10:28am

That leaves two more DLC characters.

Post 483937

Final Fantasy XV’s Next Active Time Report Will Be On June 4th

By Sato . May 26, 2015 . 2:34am

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata will host his next “Active Time Report” livestream on June 4.

Post 483859

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Brings HD Leech Hunting To PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, And PC [Update]

By Spencer . May 25, 2015 . 11:05pm

Capcom announced Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, a high definition version of the Gamecube exclusive Resident Evil prequel

Post 483772

Level Design For Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Now In Progress

By Ishaan . May 25, 2015 . 5:31pm

Bloodstained director Koji Igarashi takes on more questions from fans.

Post 483754

Batman Beyond Suit Gets A Major Redesign In Batman: Arkham Knight

By Ishaan . May 25, 2015 . 9:30am

The Batman Beyond suit is available as a pre-order bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight, but it isn’t what you’re used to.

Post 483790

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of The Duelist Revealed By German Rating Board

By Ishaan . May 25, 2015 . 8:28am

An unannounced Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game from Konami.

Post 483666

Console Versions Of Divinity: Original Sin To Have Local Multiplayer, New Modes, And Much More

By Chris . May 24, 2015 . 2:32pm

The Enhanced Edition of the classic-style RPG Divinity: Original Sin is heading to PS4 and Xbox One with a bunch of new content and improvements.

Post 483453

White Halo Xbox One Edition Now Available at $50 Off

By Viet . May 21, 2015 . 2:00pm

Heh, actually the white “Special Edition” Xbox One with Halo Master Chief Collection arrives in the US $50 off. Also deals on The Witcher 3, StarCraft II, and more.

Post 483440

Need for Speed Getting Rebooted This Fall

By Ishaan . May 21, 2015 . 10:43am

The new game, simply titled “Need for Speed,” will take place in a “nocturnal open-world”.

Post 482948

This Upcoming RPG Pays Homage To Old Japanese Folktales

By Chris . May 21, 2015 . 8:28am

You’re chosen the the goddess Amaterasu to protect a town with a precious package inside of it from invading Yokai.

Post 482795

Check Out The Day And Night Cycle In Hover: Revolt of Gamers

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 3:31pm

In-game footage of the expansive city and its day-night cycle.

Post 482700

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round’s Newest Costumes Are Superhero-Themed

By Ishaan . May 19, 2015 . 10:01am

“Fighter Force” outfits coming to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

Post 482568

Igarashi Talks About Miriam, The Protagonist Of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 3:29pm

Iga takes questions from fans about his new game.

Post 482559

Doom Gameplay Footage To Debut At E3 This Year

By Ishaan . May 18, 2015 . 7:26am

The Bethesda conference will take place on Sunday, June 14th at 7 pm PST.