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This Week In Sales: Yakuza 3, Okami, And Layton’s Mystery Journey Return As Remasters

By Sato . August 15, 2018 . 3:00pm

Last week, Japan saw several HD remasters with the return of some big titles in Yakuza 3 on PS4, Okami and Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy on Nintendo Switch.

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Shenmue 101 Video Series Looks At Shenmue I & II’s Fights, QTEs, and Arcade

By Jenni . August 15, 2018 . 9:00am

The third video in a series introducing people to Shenmue I & II elements takes a peek at the game’s different kinds of battles, QTEs, and minigames.

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Overcooked 2 New Game+ Expected In September 2018

By Jenni . August 14, 2018 . 9:00am

Before September 2018 ends, Overcooked 2 may end up receiving a New Game+ mode for chefs who want an extra challenge.

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Devil May Cry 5 To Make Its World First Playable Debut With A Gamescom 2018 Demo

By Sato . August 14, 2018 . 12:00am

Capcom previously mentioned that it is aiming to have a demo available on time for Gamescom 2018 that takes place next week, and director Hideaki Itsuno confirmed that it is now complete and just on time.

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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Talks About How Fallout 76 Will Deter Griefing

By Alistair . August 13, 2018 . 3:00pm

Fallout 76 director Todd Howard explained at QuakeCon recently to explain how PvP in the upcoming game will work, as well as how they plan to curb griefing.

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A Twin Mirror Gameplay Reveal Is Coming On August 21, 2018

By Jenni . August 13, 2018 . 10:00am

It looks like Bandai Namco will kick off gamescom 2018 with a Twin Mirror gameplay trailer.

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A Comparison Between Red Dead Redemption And Red Dead Redemption 2’s Graphics

By Alistair . August 13, 2018 . 8:30am

A new video has come out comparing the graphics of Red Dead Redemption to that of its upcoming sequel, in order to see whether the graphics still hold up today.

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Okami Is Getting A Sweet Vinyl Box Set With A Special 40-Page Artbook

By Sato . August 13, 2018 . 3:00am

Okami HD just released a wonderful port on the Nintendo Switch, and to commemorate the occasion, Data Discs is releasing a new vinyl with a selection of orchestrated tracks in a quadruple LP box set.

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Black Desert Online Shows Off The First Graphical Upgrades Made With Silicon Studio’s Help

By Alistair . August 12, 2018 . 5:30pm

This week, Black Desert Online developer showed off a look at the new remastered version of the game, developed together with Silicon Studio in Japan.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Shows Off Its Various Aspects Of Gameplay

By Alistair . August 12, 2018 . 9:30am

Over the past week, Square Enix has been uploading various clips on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, each focusing on a different aspect of gameplay like underwater survival.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets A Typewriter-Inspired Bluetooth Keyboard In Japan

By Alistair . August 11, 2018 . 5:30pm

Japan is getting something special for the Resident Evil 2 remake – a typewriter-like Bluetooth keyboard by Qwerkytoys, Inc. The keyboard is themed after the typewriter used to save in-game.

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Doom Eternal Is Coming To PC, PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch

By Alistair . August 10, 2018 . 2:00pm

Doom Eternal was revealed to be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at QuakeCon 2018, and more features and gameplay footage were also shown off as well.

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Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Begin

By Jenni . August 10, 2018 . 10:00am

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 are running until August 30, 2018, which means Lucioball with a new stage and new skins, emotes, and highlight intros.

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Shenmue 101 Video Series Continues With Character Introductions

By Jenni . August 10, 2018 . 9:00am

The road to Shenmue I & II’s release continues with a new entry in the Shenmue 101 series focusing on some of the series’ more important characters.

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Learn About Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker’s CTF “Flag Battle” Mode

By Sato . August 10, 2018 . 7:30am

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is all about the ninja action battles, but it also has some objective-based rules such as the “Flag Battle” mode that is basically Capture the Flag with shinobi flying everywhere.

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