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Xbox Game Pass Library Will Include Mega Man, SoulCalibur, And Tekken

By Jenni . March 1, 2017 . 10:30am

Microsoft has announced an Xbox Game Pass subscription service that will allow people to download and play Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on their Xbox Ones. Mega Man Legacy Collection, SoulCalibur II, and Tekken Tag Tournament II are among the titles that will be part of the over 100 game library.

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$250 Xbox One S Console Bundles with Big Fat $100 Gift Card

By Viet . March 1, 2017 . 4:00am

The best Xbox One S console bundle deals of the year yet? Pick up a $250 bundle and receive a free $100 eGift Card as an added bonus.

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Sidescrolling Action Game Features 88 Heroes With Different Actions, Attacks, & Movement

By Joel . February 27, 2017 . 4:00pm

Teleporting space men, magical octopi, luchadore assassins, and 85 other heroes, all with their own moves & play styles, can be used in sidescroller 88 Heroes.

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Dead or Alive 5’s Arc System Works Crossover Has Nyotengu As Dizzy, Honoka As Elphelt

By Sato . February 27, 2017 . 2:30am

We previously reported that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is getting an Arc System Works collaboration that brings Guilty Gear and BlazeBlue outfits. Its first few screenshots share a tease of what’s to come.

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Vaccine Adds Randomness And RPG Elements To Low-Poly 3D Horror

By Joel . February 25, 2017 . 3:00pm

Players seek out a virus cure in Resident Evil-inspired Vaccine, but will have to find it in a randomly-generated house.

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Yoku’s Island Express Is An Open-World Pinball-Based Adventure

By Joel . February 25, 2017 . 1:00pm

A tiny creature hauls a pinball across the hand-painted landscapes and natural world of Yoku’s Island Express, bouncing around on natural bumpers, flippers, and other objects on his journey.

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Players Can Switch From HD To 8-Bit Graphics With The Press Of A Button In Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

By Casey . February 24, 2017 . 8:30am

DotEmu revealed in a new trailer that, with the “retro mode,” players will be able to switch between HD and 8-bit graphics at any time during gameplay.

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Resident Evil 7 To Feature Chris Redfield In Free “Not A Hero” DLC This Spring

By Sato . February 24, 2017 . 2:00am

Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7: biohazard is getting a free DLC in Spring 2017, called “Not A Hero,” featuring Chris Redfield in a separate story.

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Lego City Undercover Coming To North America And Europe In April

By Jenni . February 23, 2017 . 10:30am

Lego City Undercover will come to North America on April 4 and Europe on April 7. People will be able to go through the campaign alone or with a friend, thanks to a newly added co-op mode.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Gameplay Series Continues With Characters

By Jenni . February 23, 2017 . 10:00am

The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer shows how Ryder the Pathfinder and his or her squadmates function in battle.

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Injustice 2’s First Shattered Alliances Trailer Shows Why Superman’s A Threat

By Jenni . February 23, 2017 . 9:00am

Batman and Superman are at odds in Injustice 2, and the first part of the Shattered Alliances trailer shows Superman’s stance on crime going into this installment.

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Final Fantasy XV Team Celebrates NieR: Automata’s Release With A Special Drawing

By Sato . February 23, 2017 . 2:30am

NieR: Automata is already getting the iconic Engine Blade weapon from Final Fantasy XV, and now with the game’s release in Japan they got another collaboration, in the form of a drawing from the team.

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RIME’s Developers On The Game’s Replayability And The Prospect Of Future DLC

By Casey . February 21, 2017 . 9:30am

Tequila Works, developers of the adventure and puzzle game Rime, recently spoke on topics including the game’s replayability as well as challenges they encountered during development.

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Chroma Squad Heading To The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In May

By Jenni . February 20, 2017 . 11:00am

People will be able to play the strategic Chroma Squad on their PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones in May 2017. However, the PlayStation Vita version has been canceled.

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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Will Be Free In Europe Starting March 1

By Jenni . February 20, 2017 . 10:00am

On March 1, 2017, everyone in Europe will be able to get A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, the pixelated prequel to Final Fantasy XV, free from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store. A North American release has yet to be announced.