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Alfa System’ Sisters Royale Xbox One Port Arrives July 10, 2020

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Alfa System’s most recent shooter and Castle of Shikigami successor is back again. A Sisters Royale Xbox One port has been confirmed. People will be able to shoot things up with five sisters who all have various magical abilities on July 10, 2020. It will cost $13.99/€13.99/£11.74.

In case you haven’t seen it before, here’s an older teaser trailer showing what Sisters Royale looks like. You can see the shoot’em up in action, hear a bit of its soundtrack, see the different sisters’ bullet patterns and special attacks. Since it isn’t an English version of the trailer, the story segments are in Japanese.

Since it isn’t an English version of the trailer, the story segments are in Japanese. The basic premise is that there are five sisters who are supposed to save the world. The problem is, they can’t stand each other. Also, they are all in love with the same man. When you choose a playable character, you’re picking which heroine you’ll support in her journey to beat up her sisters and maybe win Yashin’s love. (And maybe you’ll also still save the world along the way?)

The Sisters Royale Xbox One version will arrive on July 10, 2020. The game is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and it even received a physical run.

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