2 Half-Life 1 mods and 1 Half-Life 2 one


So, let me just write this one post without a silly supposedly funny introduction. Let me just just straight to the mods themselves:

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Move In! is a total conversion mod for Half Life that turns it into a multiplayer tactical combat FPS. Consequently it’s unpleasantly realistic and features lots of unhealthy military equipment. Oh, yes and ten whole multiplayer maps ranging from snowy plains to deserts and urban settings.


The Specialists, on the other hand, is another multiplayer mod that totally changes Half-Life, but in a less realistic fashion. It introduces a lovely Matrix style aesthetic, outrageous kung fu moves and a frankly impressive stunt system. Oh, yes, and the animation of the 3D models is nothing less than spectacular.


Das Roboss is the Half-Life 2 mod, but you probably knew that already, didn’t you? Regardless. This one is a beautiful single player mod with a quirky storyline about a pretty gigantic robot aptly named Roboss and impressively designed pro-quality levels. Hopefully it’ll keep you off the streets till Episode 2 gets its much delayed released. If not, try some more -really unconventional- Half Life 2 mods.