A Few New Details On Valkyria Chronicles 3


Yesterday, SEGA held a Valkyria Chronicles 3 event that in Japan that allowed the Japanese press to take an early look at the game’s official demo, due for release on the PlayStation Network next week. You can view photos of the event here.


An initial presentation by producer, Shinji Motoyama, and director, Takeshi Ozawa, was followed by three rounds of Q&A, with questions from the audience, the Internet, and those following SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles 3 Twitter feed.



Kurt Irving, protagonist:


The Q&A began with someone asking a question about Kurt Irving, the protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles 3. Kurt is part of the game’s "Nameless" squad, a unit that performs “off-the-record” operations that the Gallian army cannot. Members of the Nameless — or Squad 422 — are referred to by number, rather than name.


We don’t know why Kurt is part of the Nameless, but we do know he wants out. Ozawa revealed that he’s cool-headed but at the same time, he has the feel of an ideologist. Kurt is a man of strong principles.


Multiple endings:


Another question involved someone asking whether or not Valkyria Chronicles 3 would feature multiple endings. This question was dodged without a definitive yes or no.


Instead, Motoyama jokingly replied that the development team isn’t trying to create a dating-sim. Rather, they’re trying to add an element of human relationships to the Valkyria series.



The Gassenarl family:


This one’s a tiny bit of a spoiler, so you can skip it if you don’t want plot teasers. The Gassenarl family were the ones that led the Gallian Revolutionary Army in Valkyria Chronicles 2. A follower on Twitter asked if they would make a return in VC3, which takes place before the second game.


To this, producer, Motoyama, replied that while Valkyria Chronicles 3’s story stands by itself, we’ll see stepping stones leading up to the Gassenarl family’s warped ideals. He didn’t specify details, however.


Save data from Valkyria 1 and 2:


Valkyria Chronicles 3 can import save data not only from Valkyria Chronicles 2, but also from the first game on PlayStation 3, like VC2 could to unlock Isara.


Additionally, the retail game can also import save data from the demo, so don’t delete any of your save files.



Why no PlayStation 3?


Something that comes up often is the subject of the PlayStation 3 and why SEGA aren’t making another Valkyria Chronicles game for it. This question was also asked at the event.


Motoyama revealed he is personally aware of the hardware decisions made for the game. Since the first game was on PS3, it’s only natural for people to speak up for sequels on the same platform. Platform selection is done with utmost care each time.


Motoyama says that people assume since Valkyria 1 was on the PS3, it would be easy to use the engine and assets to develop another PS3 game. However, with respect to capacity, he says, development is absolutely not like that.


He believes the method for Valkyria Chronicles development is to bring the game to the most optimum platform at the time, and to look beyond when producing a new game after that.




  • You can switch between Easy and Normal modes during the game. However, you can’t switch between the two during battles.


  • Valkyria 3 doesn’t have a "Hard" mode. However, it does have hard missions you can play.


  • You’ll be able to perform an 800 MB data install for Valkyria 3. This is highly recommended as it cuts down on load times.


  • Someone from the net asked if there’s going to be a tie-up for Alica — who owns a bakery — and her special bread with a convenience store in Japan. Ozawa gave him the usual reply: he wants one, but it would need to be handled carefully.
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