Arknights Contingency Contract Event Will Test Your Operators on June 12

contingency contract

Arknights‘ mafia-themed Code of Brawl may have just ended, but the pressure is still on. Yostar has announced that this week will mark the global debut of Contingency Contract, a new event designed to test the quality and progression of players’ rosters. The event will go live on June 12, 2020 at 4pm PT and will run until June 26, 2020 at the daily reset time of 4am PT.

Arknights‘ Contingency Contract combines the structure of previous events, which focused on farming currencies, with Code of Brawl’s more objective-focused progression. The result is a bounty-style event that lets players reduce their farming burden by ratcheting up the challenge. When tackling event stages, players can pick “Contracts” from a rotating selection. Contracts add various handicaps to the mission requirements, such as increasing the health of enemies or reducing the damage output of a player’s Operators. Some even ban specific Operators or even entire classes from being deployed, forcing players to develop alternative strategies and make do with the Operators they have.

The upside of weighing oneself down with Contracts is a summary increase in rewards: “Contract Bounties” in Contingency Contract can be redeemed for various prizes, including upgrade materials and even a cosmetic skin for the six-star Vanguard Operator Siege:

Arknights Contingency Contract

Given the amount of grinding needed to get a deep bench of Operators up to snuff, many players might face difficulty tackling Contingency Contract event challenges, but there’s something for them, too, if they have some premium currency to spare. The event also brings with it a special premium headhunting banner: Targeted Operator Headhunting. The banner features a special, restricted set of Operators for each rarity, meaning that every time a given draw turns up a five- or six-star Operator, that Operator is picked from a much smaller pool. That pool includes well-regarded rare characters like Ch’en, SilverAsh, Eyjafjalla, and Manticore. A more standard rate-up banner is available separately, boosting drop chances for Siege and Saria.

Arknights Contingency Contract will begin on June 12, 2020 and runs until June 26, 2020. Check out our guide to Getting Started with Arknights on iOS and Android devices.

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