Arknights Near Light Limited Event Brings the Radiant Knight

Arknights Near Light

Mobile tower defense game Arknights is launching a new limited-time event, titled “Near Light”. It will follow up on last year’s “Maria Nearl” storyline, which centers on the knights of Kazimierz.  The event kicks off on April 28, 2022.

Near Light originally launched on the Arknights Chinese server as a 2.5 Year Anniversary Celebration. To promote it, Yostar produced no less than three trailers, including one animated by Yostar Pictures, which is also producing the Arknights: Prelude to Dawn series.

Another CG-animated Arknights trailer lays out the premise of Near Light while introducing players to the event’s marquee Operators: Flametail and Nearl the Radiant Knight.

Flametail was first introduced in the Maria Nearl event and had a role in April 2022’s Pinus Slyvestris mini-event as well. She’s a 6-Star Vanguard Operator. Meanwhile, though Nearl already exists in Arknights as a 5-Star Defender, Nearl the Radiant Knight is a 6-Star Alternate Operator for the character. She has among the highest attack stats of all Operators in the game and has a special skill that allows her to be deployed without counting towards the Unit Limit. Like Alternate Operators Skadi the Corrupting Heart and Ch’en the Holungday, Nearl the Radiant Knight has animated character art.

Another preview for the Near Light event properly detailed other Arknights Operators being added to the playable roster.

Besides Flametail and the new Nearl, Near Light will reward players with Wild Mane, a free 5-Star Vanguard Operator. The banners for Nearl the Radiant Knight and Flametail also have a chance of dropping the 5-Star Caster Corroserum. Corroserum is the second “Blast Caster”-type Operator. This archetype was previously monopolized by the 6-Star Caster Ifrit. Two new Operators, Rhodes Island intern Honeyberry and store assistant Pudding, will be added to the in-game Certificate Shop. Finally, a new 1-Star Robotic unit will be added to the free Recruitment system: the Archer-class Justice Knight. Cosmetic skins will also be sold for Operators Pallas, Rosa, Andreana, and Myrtle.

The Arknights Near Light event begins on April 28, 2022, and ends on May 19, 2022. The game is available on iOS and Android.

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