Arle’s English Adventures Continue in Sorcery Saga III: The Ultimate Queen Fan Translation


Right around the end of last year, TheMajinZenki and their team released a new fan translation for Madou Monogatari III on Sega Game Gear. Titled Sorcery Saga III: The Ultimate Queen for its release, it’s a direct sequel to Madou Monogatari II on Game Gear, which was also translated back in May.

With Arle and Carbuncle finally becoming true buddies, their first challenge is Rulue, who traps them in yet another dungeon to escape. The dungeon is guarded by the deadly Minotauros, and Arle and Carbuncle will only survive by enlisting the help of the Frog Empire that lives within the labyrinth.

The game is known for being titled and sharing some characters with its Japanese PC releases, but is in fact mostly original in terms of story and dungeons. You can check out screenshots below:

You can find the fan translation via the link here.

Madou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama was originally released on Sega Game Gear.

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