Blue Protocol English Localization Director Job Listing Appears

blue protocol english

A Blue Protocol English release may be in the works. The Japanese Bandai Namco site has a new job listing online for a Localization Director for the MMORPG. It specifically says the idea candidate would have English language skills, would have studied or worked outside of Japan, and would have worked on localization projects before. The person hired would be involved with working on things like the UI, cutscenes, general text, and adding cultural nuances for different regions. [Thanks, Resetera!]

Now, this doesn’t guarantee a worldwide Blue Protocol English release. Rather, it could mean an Asian English version could appear. For example, Super Robot Wars T was released in English in Southeast Asia. However, in addition to asking for someone who has worked abroad, the listing does say Bandai Namco is looking for someone who has worked on worldwide releases in the past.

In Blue Protocol, people explore a world filled with ruins from a past civilization. You explore these ancient spaces and fight the monsters within, hoping to collect the light, remnants of the past, and insight about what happened in their world. A lot of attention has been paid to its anime-style character creator in the past, with videos looking at making older guys, beautiful girls, young men, and sexy women.

Blue Protocol is in development for PCs. Its closed alpha was held back in July 2019.

Jenni Lada
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