Boltrend Games Addresses Lack of Content in Atelier Online

Atelier Online

In a recent FAQ released through the Atelier Online Facebook page, publisher Boltrend Games addresses a myriad of issues. One of these issues addressed is the lack of content in Atelier Online. Specifically, the lack of content in the Japanese version of the game. Users have noticed that the game has gone without content updates on the Japanese client for quite some time. However, Boltrend Games reassured players that they intend to “ensure the longevity of the game.”

That said, no clear answer was given as to how the publisher for the global client of the game would go about this. Additionally, the FAQ also addresses the untranslated text in the game. Boltrend Games states that the recent update should resolve this issue. Users still experiencing untranslated texts in dialogue boxes and enemy names should contact support.

Additionally, the FAQ goes on to address several other issues. This includes the game freezing or crashing, which has resulted in players unable to login or to receive rewards. Another noted issue is the discrepancy between daily notifications and actual received reward. Boltrend Games is currently working to solve that issue.

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle is immediately available for Android and iOS.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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