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Capcom’s Christian Svensson Comments On Monster Hunter 3G and 4 Localizations


It’s no surprise that there’s already a fairly large thread on Capcom’s community site, asking for localizations of Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4, despite the fact that both Japan-centric games were announced just days ago.


In situations such as this, Japanese publishers — Capcom included — usually like to play coy. But not this time, perhaps. Responding to the 3G and 4 localization request thread, Capcom’s Christian Svensson says: “Noted guys. Stay tuned.”


In a different forum thread about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. on PlayStation 3, Svensson discusses the challenges of bringing that game out of Japan, highlighting that it would need to be approved by Sony in order to make the transition overseas, as the game doesn’t support Trophies or PlayStation Network multiplayer and requires a modification of Sony’s adhoc party application, which would have to be created for the west.


In this same thread, on August 30th — ie; before Monster Hunter 3G or 4 were announced — Svensson also replied to a poster asking if we could expect to see Monster Hunter games other than Portable 3rd HD Ver. localized any time soon. Svensson’s reply was as follows:


“Soon is a relative term but I would say that Western MH fans have lots to be excited about for the future. Admittedly I do hope we can find a way to get P3 HD Westward somehow sooner than those other things but as I’ve mentioned, it’s an open item.”


Monster Hunter 3G is currently slated for release in Japan on December 10th.

Ishaan Sahdev
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