Chocobo’s Dungeon WonderSwan English Fan Translation Explores the Series’ Origins

Chocobo's Dungeon for WonderSwan

The same fan translation team behind the release of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon WiiWare games’ English translation has also released an English translation for the Chocobo’s Dungeon Wonderswan release. Yet another obscure release, this is a port of the original Final Fantasy-branded Mystery Dungeon roguelike that originally released on the PlayStation.

The plot of the game involves a Moogle named Atla, who accidentally unearths an evil crystal that possesses a Chocobo named Poulet. While Atla frees Poulet, Atla is possessed itself in turn, and Poulet sets off to free Atla and get rid of the evil crystal’s influence once and for all. As you might expect, gameplay revolves around Poulet traveling through randomly-generated dungeons, but attack strength in dungeons is also influenced by whether the ATB gauge is currently charged or not.

Chocobo’s Dungeon was never officially released in English, although Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 was brought over to the West. The fan translation of the game allows players to experience the game in English for the first time.

Check out a trailer for the Chocobo’s Dungeon Wonderswan English fan translation below:

You can find a link to the translation patch on Andrew Higsby’s site.

Chocobo’s Dungeon was originally released on the WonderSwan in 1999.

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