Compile Heart Teases New Neptunia Game Reveal In Spring 2021

Compile Heart teasing new Neptunia game in Spring 2021

Compile Heart published a video teasing a new Neptunia game on the Compile Heart TV YouTube channel. The company staff members expect the game to be ready for reveal around Spring 2021. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The video lets viewers listen to a conversation from an online meeting in the company, which also contains an interview about the latest Neptunia game that is currently in the works. The interviewed developers stated their interest in revealing the new game soon. They expect the game to take enough shape around the Spring.

The new video published by Compile Heart is available to watch right below. The aforementioned conversation starts at the two-minute mark. The staff members’ voices have been edited to protect their privacy. As there was no gameplay footage shown in the meeting, the visuals were replaced by a drawing of the series’ iconic monster Dogoo by the illustrator Katsuyuki Hirano.

The latest title in the series is Neptunia ReVerse, a PlayStation 5 game that is already available in Japan and will be released in the West in 2021. North America and Europe will get the English localization of Neptunia Virtual Stars, an action RPG spinoff that features Vtubers like Kizuna AI as guests, for PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2021.

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