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Date A Live Compilation Album Will Appear in April 2022

Date A Live theme song compilation album

A new compilation album with all the theme songs from the Date A Live franchise will appear on April 13, 2022. Nippon Columbia will gather songs from prior series titles in this album. It will include tracks from the first three anime seasons, the Mayuri Judgement movie, the Date A Bullet OVA, and the visual novel games.

As a refresher, Compile Heart has made four Date A Live visual novels to date. The third game Rio Reincarnation is immediately available worldwide on PC and PlayStation 4. It also includes the first two titles — Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install. The fourth game, Ren Dystopia, is currently only available on PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Here’s the full tracklist for the upcoming Date A Live compilation album:

  1. “Date A Live” – Anime season 1 opening
  2. “Trust in you” – Anime season 2 opening
  3. “Day to Story” – Anime season 2 ending
  4. “Invisible Date” – Mayuri Judgement movie theme song
  5. “I swear” – Anime season 3 opening
  6. “Last Promise” – Anime season 3 ending
  7. “Infermata” – Date A Bullet OVA opening
  8. “Only wish” – Date A Bullet OVA ending
  9. “Precious” – Date A Bullet OVA ending
  10. “Date in Utopia” – Rinne Utopia opening
  11. “Kitto Zutto” – Rinne Utopia ending
  12. “Installation” – Arusu Install opening
  13. “Eternal World” – Arusu Install ending
  14. “Key of Truth” – Rio Reincarnation opening
  15. “Not Forget” – Rio Reincarnation ending
  16. “Kangen Yuuwaku Receptor” – Ren Dystopia opening
  17. “Never Ending Love story” – Ren Dystopia ending

Date A Live originated from a series of light novels that ran in Japan from 2011 to 2020. Yen Press began releasing official English versions of the books in February 2021. As of this writing, it has released four volumes. The fifth and sixth English volumes will appear on March 22, 2022, and June 21, 2022, respectively.

The Date A Live theme song compilation album will release in Japan on April 13, 2022. It will have a price tag of 2,750 yen (~$23.85). Nippon Columbia will release the album to mark the launch of the newest anime season, Date A Live IV. It will start airing on Japanese television in April 2022.

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