Blue Protocol Developers on the Game’s Voice Acting and Improvements From the Beta Test

Blue Protocol

Key developers behind Bandai Namco’s upcoming online action MMO Blue Protocol were recently in an interview after the closed beta test. The team discussed things like why the game has voice-acting for the protagonist despite being a self-insert, how the game will be improved from beta feedback, and more. (Thanks, Famitsu!)

Here are the highlights below:

  • According to executive producer Soukichi Shimooka, the closed beta test was adjusted to be easier, because it was only available for a limited time. Additionally, the list of skills you could get were limited in the beta, and the full game will have a wide variety of skills that you can use to adjust your playstyle within your current class.
  • In the feedback report for the beta test, the developers noted that the game does not have good compatibility with features like a trading function, because it would take away from the joy of crafting the gear you want in town.
  • The protagonist of Blue Protocol speaks, because the intent was to create true anime-style cutscenes. The developers did try out a version of the game without any voice acting, as it would be more cost-effective, but it just felt weird and out of place.
  • Because each protagonist voice option will be reflected in the dialogue, this means that for each additional voice option they add via updates, they will need to add in an entire set of voice acting for the cutscenes.
  • One of Blue Protocol‘s main concepts is the “Party vs Party” style battle system, where the enemies come in groups, usually with a pack leader. While the developers wanted to give enemies more defined class roles, due to the many wild animal and non-human enemies in the game, they decided to do a Party vs Party approach instead. They warned that the MMO will really need players to consider how they are moving as a party, and how the enemy is moving as a group.

Blue Protocol voice acting

Additionally, the developers touched upon points of criticism that will be addressed for the game launch:

  • The game will straight-up tell you the percentage chance of whether the loot dropped from enemies might be identified as rare. The team received feedback that players were going back to town to identify items, only to be disappointed when the loot turned out to be common.
  • Gamepad controls will be improved, especially how the Talk function and message window works.

Blue Protocol is in development for PC. Check our previous report for more impressions from the closed beta test, including more on the four starting classes that it offers.

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