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Diablo IV Patch Reduces Survivability and Glyph Effectiveness

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There’s a new Diablo IV patch, as well as patch notes going over what to expect. As well as working on general stability and crashes, the recent changes for also focused on balancing the power of player classes. Blizzard explained that 1.0.2d focuses on buffing underperforming builds, making the Paragon Glyphs less powerful, and curtailing certain builds that were powerful enough to “warp” the vision for combat in Diablo IV. Another update, patch 1.0.2e, also fixed some stuttering and language issues for PC users.

One of the single biggest changes in the patch is the reduction in the power of Paragon Glyphs by ~34% across the board, with a few specific Glyph bonuses like Critical Strike and vulnerability receiving up to a ~66% reduction. Paragon Glyphs are items that begin to drop after reaching the maximum level cap of 50 and unlocking the Paragon Board, an extra progression system for endgame much like Diablo III’s Paragon Levels system. The Glyphs are equipped into slots in the Paragon Board and enhance the bonuses provided. Blizzard clearly thought they were doing a little too much enhancing and toned them down quite significantly.

Other changes include a reduction in Lucky Hit chance for the Druid and Sorcerer, an increase in damage for the Necromancer‘s spells and minions, and the Barbarian received several limitations on the power of the Whirlwind enhancing Gohrs’ Devastating Grips legendary aspect.

Diablo IV is immediately available on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC, and Patch 1.0.2d is available to download for all platforms.

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