Digimon ReArise to End Service in April

Digimon ReArise End of Service

Bandai Namco announced service for Digimon ReArise will end on April 21, 2022. The developers have already halted any further sales of DigiRubies, the paid currency in Digimon ReArise. However, players can use any purchased in-game currency until the end of service. Additionally, the developers released a statement through the official website, thanking players for their continued to support.

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Digimon ReArise was announced in 2018. The mobile title is a “friendship based” RPG that focuses on strengthening relationships with the Digimon found in Digi-Town. The title made its worldwide debut in October 2019. Since its release, it has seen the inclusion of various different Digimon.

While the game primarily focuses on increasing the player’s relationship with Digmon, it has battle elements as well. Players can participate in raid-like events that pit them against iconic Digimon, like WarGreymon. Players versus player battles are also available.

A Medabots collaboration appeared in the Japanese version of Digimon ReArise. While it began as an April Fools joke, the collaboration was later released as a real event within the game. A total of three collaboration units were added into Digimon ReArise.

Digimon ReArise is available for Android and iOS devices, however, the title will end service on April 21, 2022. Players can use their in-game items up until that date.

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