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Don’t Expect New Jobs In Final Fantasy XIV Any Time Soon


Final Fantasy XIV recently received its first major expansion, Heavensward (AKA ver. 3.0), and following the release of the game, the development team held a livestreamed Q&A, featuring producer and director Naoki Yoshida. As always, the questions (and answers) that were discussed during the stream have been documented in a new “Letter From the Producer” thread on the Final Fantasy XIV forums, and we’ve picked some of the more interesting ones out below.


Q11. Any plans to add a new job/class during the 3.x series?

A11. We’re currently working on adjusting the existing jobs, and don’t have any time to consider new jobs. New jobs will probably be introduced in 4.0.


Q49. As an FFXI player, I was happy to see memorable enemies such as Dhalmels and Crawlers. Do you have plans to add other enemies from FFXI?

A49. Since there are many players who were attached to Final Fantasy XI, we would like to add more in future.


Q57. Do you have plans to add content using flying mounts, such as shooting, or racing?

A57. We did talk about wanting to do some type of timing-based challenges, so we’ll look into something.


Q61. Do you plan on increasing the speed of regular ground mounts?

A61. We do not have any plans for this at the moment. There is a high possibility that we increase the speed of flight for flying mounts.


Q65. Will you make it possible to fly in2.0 areas?

A65. The 2.0 areas weren’t designed with height in mind, so even if we make it possible to fly in these areas, there won’t be anything to do. Additionally, to make this possible, we’ll need to make large improvements to the graphics quality to these maps in order to fly.


Q76. Do you have plans to introduce an afro hairstyle?

A76. We’re going to add this in Patch 3.1. We actually had it nearly ready to release, but the number of polygons were too high. We’re currently making adjustments to this, so please look forward to it.


Q90. I’d really like to listen to the field music even while engaged in battle, so could you add an option to turn off the battle music?

A90. Soken: We will look into this.


The full list of questions that were asked during the Q&A can be found here.

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