Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Adds Weiss and Nero Skins

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Weiss Nero

Square Enix and Ateam unveiled an Advanced Shinra Pack for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which includes skins based on Weiss and Nero from FFVII Remake Intergrade. Additionally, the cosmetic packs include skins resembling Rosso and Shelke fromĀ Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, as well as a few other accessories. Players can purchase the packs using either 300 Shinra Credits or using five Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets. The cosmetics will be available until August 31, 2022, at 01:59 UTC.

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Notably, the Weiss skin has a special feature that unlocks new effects with every duplicate skin obtained. The second level will unlock the alternate skin “Weiss Empowered”. The third level unlocks a new kill effect “The Immaculate”, which activates every time you kill or down an opponent.

Both the Weiss and Nero skins are available for the male and female character body types. Rosso and Shelke, however, are only available to equip for female characters. Furthermore, the cosmetic pack also includes items such as Weiss’ blades, Nero’s facemask, a Deepground Soldier skin, and various Deepground-themed accessories. Finally, the game is also hosting a six-day login bonus campaign where characters can obtain up to 20 Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets and two banners featuring Weiss and Nero.

You can get a look at theĀ Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Weiss and Nero skins below:


Earlier this year, Square Enix also added a skin based on the Remake version ofĀ Sephiroth. More recently, the company added low-poly FFVII-style skins of Zack, Angeal, Genesis, and Aerith.

Final Fantasy The First Soldier is available to play on iOS and Android devices. The Advanced Shinra Packs (Weiss) will be available until August 31, 2022. Each pack costs 300 Shinra Credits or five Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets.

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