Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Art Shared

Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Art Shared

The Fire Emblem Heroes 5th anniversary is upon us in 2022, and to commemorate it Intelligent Systems and Nintendo shared art in honor of it. All of the designs are from artists who previously worked on the game. They depict a number of characters who’ve shown up over the years as units. In many cases, their “alt” designs are used. There are 15 images total.

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In each case, the artists who designed these Fire Emblem Heroes 5th anniversary works of art previously contributed character designs. For example, Daisuke Izuka contributed a work featuring Fire Emblem Heroes original characters Gustav and Henriette in their Days of Devotion (Valentine’s Day) outfits. Izuka contributed art for both the mobile game and Cipher card game. Senri Kita contributed art of Marth. In addition to her work here, she worked on mainline installments like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its direct sequel Radiant Dawn.

Here’s the full gallery of Fire Emblem Heroes 5th anniversary art.

This is one of many changes coming as part of the Fire Emblem Heroes 5th anniversary. There will be login bonuses and activities. People can vote for which free unit might be doled out as part of A Hero Rises 2022. The Choose Your Legends Round 6 winners were also announced.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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