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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows DLC Takes About 8 to 10 Hours on Normal

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows DLC

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ got a big feature in the latest issue of Famitsu with new tidbits of info from the devs on the Cindered Shadows DLC. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

On Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows

  • “Adjustments for Maddening Mode were very difficult. In the end, the timing worked out in our favor because it released around the time people beat the game.”
  • Toshiyuki Kusakihara, Director: “The reason why there isn’t a golden route is that that would make the route seen as the right one. We never intended on adding it from the very beginning.”
  • Genki Yokota, Director: “I love the golden routes, but Kusakihara had very passionate thoughts about it. There was also the feeling about having already done the same with Fire Emblem Fates.”

On Side Stories

  • “The four new characters each have their own grown-up forms for Part 2, so I hope you recruit them to your party in the main game, too.”
  • “There’s a pretty tough side story episode which unlocks additional elements upon clearing for the main game. Please look forward to it.”
  • “As for gameplay volume, it’s about eight to ten hours on Normal. I think it’s pretty tough, so I don’t think you’ll be able to plow through it with ease.”

On the Next Update

  • “A free update will make it possible to have tea time with Rhea.”
  • “Dancer clothes will be added for the protagonist. While they can’t change into the Dancer unit, they can switch to the appearance of one.”
  • “You can change costumes on the menu during Free Day. You’ll also get to change everyone’s costume at the same time.”
  • “Only Anna will get a change of appearance as a Trickster.”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out more details for classes coming in the Cindered Shadows DLC in our previous report. Check out the War Monk and War Cleric classes here.

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