Get a Better Look at the Game Gear Micro Blue Games

game gear micro blue

The Game Gear Micro systems are an odd sort of novelty. Each one of these so far Japan-exclusive releases is a super small take on the Game Gear with four fully-playable titles on it. Sega recently offered a better look at the Game Gear Micro Blue games and menu screen, which might give people a better idea of what to expect from these versions of Sonic & Tails, Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tale, and Baku Baku Animal. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

First, here’s a look at the Game Gear Micro Blue menu screen. The battery indicator is in the top right, and people can see the original Japanese box art for each of its four games.

game gear micro blue menu

Sonic & Tail is the first of the Game Gear Micro Blue games. It is a fairly standard Sonic the Hedgehog title, with people controlling Sonic or Tails to get through levels. It was released worldwide, though people would know it as Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos in other countries.

Gunstar Heroes is a multiplatform run-and-gun game that appeared worldwide on the Genesis, but only showed up on the Game Gear in Japan. This Treasure game is a single-player affair on the Game Gear Micro Blue, even though it offered co-op on the Genesis. As a fun fact, M2 actually handled the Game Gear version.

Sylvan Tale is the other one of the Game Gear Micro Blue games that was only ever released in Japan. This is an action-RPG where players follow Zetts, a young man on a quest to save his world. You have to accumulate different abilities and items to help him get through dungeons and beat foes.

Finally, there’s Baku Baku Animal, a puzzle game that was released outside of Japan as Baku Baku. It is essentially an item matching game with falling tiles. However, here you have to get groups of an animal’s food together, then drop and place the animal itself correctly to remove those blocks.

The Game Gear Micro Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red models will launch in Japan on October 6, 2020. They will be ¥4,980 (~$46) each, though people who buy a full set of four will get a Sega Big Window accessory for the miniature systems.

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