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Go Dungeon Crawling With Yakuza Restoration



Yakuza Restoration will have a more complex battle system than previous Yakuza titles, Sega say. The game will keep the “Street Brawl Battle” system from its predecessors, but will also bring new features to the mix.


Lead character Ryouma Sakamota (AKA Hajime Saito) uses both a sword and a pistol to fight opponents. As such, the game has four battle styles:


  • A sword style, where you use powerful sword slashes
  • A pistol Style, where you use your revolver to shoot enemies
  • An unarmed combat style, where you employ the use of your fists
  • A fourth style, where you can use the sword and pistol together


Weapons that you can use in the game range from pistols to katanas to spears and even large cannons. Weapons can also be combined, with Sega claiming that a large number of combination patterns exist in the game and that you can level Ryouma up to level 99, upgrading his inventory all throughout.


The game also has two other RPG-like features called “Battle Dungeon” and “Another Life”. In Battle Dungeon, you take your fellow Shinsengumi members along with you to “dungeons” in the form of cards, and can use their various abilities in this manner. The dungeons you’ll enter will confer rare items that you can then use to enhance your weapons in the main game.


Meanwhile, in Another Life, you find yourself living a slow life with a girl named Haruka, indulging in activities like growing vegetables, fishing and cooking. This will feel different from the tense life of a Shinsengumi member.


Yakuza Restoration will be available in Japan on February 22nd, 2014.

Ishaan Sahdev
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